Smooth like marble

Good morning!

I'm back from British Columbia and boy, did I get some goodies! But I've not had an opportunity to swatch my new lovelies thanks to the random snow day we had yesterday.
However, I have been working on my water marbling skills and that is what I wanted to share today.

Index is WNW Black Creme and Essie Lollipop
Middle is Sinful Fashion Neon and Neon Melon
Ring is Sinful Fashion Neon and Rise & Shine
Pinkie is Sinful Mint Apple and Sinful Summer Peach

Not too shabby considering I've water marbled ONCE. I tried a tip that claimed marbling with colors from the same brand worked best. Not exactly. I think the key is time. You have to move fast. Drop your polishes, swirl and dip. One tip that does work well is to apply a petroleum based product around your cuticle, under the nail and around the top half of the finger. It does make for an easier clean up. Granted, I didn't spend a lot of time doing so but I was just testing things out.

Next I did this:

Milani Black Cherry
Sinful Sugar, Sugar

This is a really gorgeous combination and ridiculous to capture in my photo. It's a snotch more subtle but quite elegant.

I'm pretty pleased with how my technique is improving. I need to work on the swirling part a bit more to add some more interest but otherwise, it's pretty damned snazzy.

That does it for today guys. I have some chores to do and then it's bowling night!
Stay tuned as I plan on swatching my Canada haul as well as a music inspired mani I've been designing.
See you soon!

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  1. Pretty marbling! I love the ring finger, I love the combos in that one. I'm glad you had fun in Canada. :) I can't wait to see your new pretties. :D


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