Springtime Blues

Good morning!

Spring has sprung everywhere but Oregon, it seems! We had a big snowstorm on Wednesday that dumped about six inches. It doesn't snow often in the Eugene area and it's often not a lot of snow when it does. So it pretty much shuts the town down and chaos ensues.

The chaos visited my house too. I was woken at 5 a.m. with a tremendous thud. I ran out to the living room because I was sure the cats had knocked over their kitty condo into the t.v. I didn't see anything out of order other than three terrified cats. It wasn't until I went out to the sunroom that I spied a bunch of branches on the ground through the window. I grabbed my wellies and ventured outside to find this:

Yep, that's a giant tree limb.

I have a tremendous tree in my backyard and one of the limbs couldn't bear the weight of all of the snow.
It came crashing down on my roof, nearly tearing off a gutter. I'm lucky it didn't crash through the roof!
This was a common occurrence throughout the city. We had a serious windstorm a week or so before that weakened tree limbs. Add a ton of snow and trees are down everywhere!

The good times didn't end there. The power went out three times that morning and the snow steadily fell until about noon. I'd heard another crash around 8:30 a.m. and found a small tree in my font yard down.
Once all was said and done, I had the tree limb on my roof, a tree in the front split in half and a third tree in the back flattened. 

Once Matt got home, we had to move the limb on the roof. He thought he was going to just be able to shove it aside but I knew better. We had to break out the saw and remove smaller limbs before we could push it aside. Now, I have a limb that needs to be cut up and two more trees that need to be dug up and dragged off. That will have to wait until the snow melts, however.

What a way to start the Spring! I think I might run away to Belize. I really HATE snow.

That does it for today, guys. I have some sun today so I'm going to swatch!

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