That's TANG-y.

Good morning!

Today I have a bit of layering for you. I'm desperate for some sun around here and I decided to get me some on my nails. It's sure isn't going to be happening around here anytime soon!

 Alternating coats of Love&Beauty unnamed shimmery Orange Jelly
OPI Y'all Come Back, Ya Hear?

This is four layers. Do not be alarmed by this.

That almost looks like candy. Mmm...candy...

I began with a coat of OPI. (I refuse to type all that out again, yo.) Then I added the orange shimmer jelly.
I did this twice more and found myself to be very happy. I've always loved the shimmer in that orange jelly and I knew I would primarily use it for layering. I just didn't have THE polish that I felt would work best.
Until I went to Vancouver and found this OPI on clearance at London Drugs
I picked this up for $5.99 CAD, marked down from $10.99 CAD. On that day the exchange rate was a little more favorable for me, meaning that I paid about roughly $5.89 USD. I didn't say it was amazingly good exchange but it was way better then walking into Fred Meyer at home and paying the suggested retail price. In case you wondered, yes, I do have a currency converter on my phone. I'm a cheap skate even on international level!

Anyway. This came out great and it was exactly what I needed. Here's hoping the Oregon weather will improve!

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