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Good day!

I'm trying to catch up some more on my massive backlog. It's pretty scary just how much stuff I've photographed and edited but have never posted!

Let's vámonos, my friends...

I managed to pick up this Hard Candy gift set shortly after the holidays. I love a bargain and I love glitter!
All of these mini polishes have no names so bear with my generic color names. On another note, I did not swatch the gold and silver in this because they were very underwhelming and themselves pretty generic.

 Orange jelly glitter
three coats
Last picture with top coat

Surprisingly, all of these glitters dried matte. They are all quite sheer as well. The orange was my favorite less because of the glitter and more because of the color itself. I love a good orange. It does have a nice shimmer but it's just not as blingy as it appeared in bottle.

 Green jelly glitter, three coats
Final picture with topcoat

I do like this green and the glitter is much better. This would strictly be a layering polish for me. I love jellies and I have a better acceptance of VNL but the yellow base of this was very unattractive applied as is.

 Isn't this weird that the glitter showed up better in less light?

 Purple jelly glitter, three coats.

I wanted this to be my favorite. It really let me down. It looks gritty and lumpy and it's not very opaque. It improves slightly with top coat. This too will be a layering polish over something with a similar base color but I will not wear it on its own. 

Overall, this set was rather disappointing. I like a matte finish but this was just so odd. I don't understand how glitter gets muddied and subdued in a jelly base either. I will be able to use them and find joy in what they can offer. I did not care for the formula on these either. I appreciate that they dry fast but they seemed to begin drying with every brush stroke. Weird. 
I am just dismayed. Glad I got this set on sale!

Did any of you pick up this set? Anyone else have the same sadness?

That's it for today, guys. Hope everyone has a pleasant day!


  1. I'm dissappointed these turned out to be crappy! I saw your pick and was so excited to see the Bling, but I find alot of the mini Holiday sets aren't as good as the look in the bottles. :(

  2. @Kittyluvscolor
    I was so bummed that the glitter was obscured in these! I'm sure I can find something to do with them. I may have to add more glitter...


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