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Good morning!

Today I have a stamped nail look that I really fell for. I've always loved the full nail patterns but could never do them myself. My nails are really small which should help, but they grow in a slightly tubular shape. Thus, it's hard to get a full a pattern over the curve. (Which is also why many of my magnetic manicures only get the magnet design on the top of the nail and not the sides.)

Anyway. Because my Auntie always gushes over my nails and got me something super sweet, I decided to give it a go again. I'm really glad I did!

I used my Salon Express kit for this look. 
Plate SE-22 

 Right hand, think it came out the best

 Colors used from left to right:
Thumb: Base of Revlon Powder Puff, three coats Claire's Sunshine
Index: Base of Powder Puff, three coats Orly Orange Punch
Middle: Two coats ChG Heli-Yum
Ring: Three coats Color Club Chelsea Girl w/ one coat Love & Beauty blue jelly/creme
Pinkie: Three coats Love & Beauty purple jelly/creme

I used WNW Black Creme to stamp my left pinkie and then had to switch to Sally Hansen Black Patent Leather. Sometimes WNW acts like a diva and will only stamp once. Weird. I did have a few small issues with smudging and alignment. But I feel like I may have found the key to doing a full coverage stamp on my nails. 

I'm so reluctant to take this off but I have to try out my newest acquisition. When I came home yesterday, my mailbox had a sweet little package from TOMS. They did a Facebook giveaway with Essie and I got a bottle of Barefoot in Blue! Totally made my day!

That will do it for today. I'm hoping for a break in the rain so I can scope out the health food store in the neighborhood. (It's no fun to walk in the rain but it is good exercise!)
Thanks for coming by and have a lovely day!

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  1. What a fun mani!

    P.S. Not sure you're aware you've got word verification turned on--thought I'd let you know since it can be hard for people to navigate through it.


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