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Good morning!

I told you yesterday that I had a music filled "weekend." On Thursday night, I went to Portland to see Social Distortion. Social D. is my favorite punk band and they are originally from my neck of the woods in Orange County, California. I used to see them in concert all the time in O.C. and their music is the antidote for when I feel a little homesick. Living in Oregon, I only get to see them every few years or so and that is no bueno. (Of all the things I miss about Southern California, live music is the top of my list. That, and attending Angels games.)

We went with our very good friends, Chris and Jordan. Neither of them had heard  Social D. until a few months ago or been to Portland before so it was a great adventure on all fronts. (Don't hate. They're young and they recently moved here from Texas.) We took a lot of pictures but I wanted to share my favorites. Sadly, there are no nail pics. I had MAJOR nail fail so I opted for a classic red jelly. It was too bad because if my polishes had played nice, I would've had a snazzy half moon mani going on. Le sigh...

Moving on then...

 Me (left) and my girl, Jordan outside of the Roseland Theater.
I've seen some great shows here! (Moonspell, Danzig, Dimmu Borgir...)

Jordan and me before the show started.
I am such a smitten kitten over this girl.  

Social D!

Social D. is quite popular up here in Oregon too. The demand was so high that they ended up playing TWO shows and both were sold out. Matt and me usually chill up in the balcony at the Roseland, mainly because I take him to shows that have raging mosh pits and we are TOO OLD for that shit. We ended up there again only because there was no room on the floor. It was standing room only up in the balcony but we managed to snag a good spot. (No matter where you are at Roseland, you have to contend with those damnable poles.) 

It was a fantastic show and I was not disappointed. The Toadies opened and I was rather meh about them though Matt, Chris and Jordan liked them. But I am a metal girl and it says something about how awesome Social D. are that I like them. I am such a music snob.

To continue our music filled weekend, the next night we went to the Mc Donald Theatre back home in Eugene to see Helle's Belles perform. It was a launch party for Ninkasi Brewing Company's Helle's Belles lager. Helle's Belles is an all female AC/DC cover band and they are amazing. We got a great show and free beer! Couldn't ask for more. (Ninkasi is my favorite local brewer, they make AWESOME beer. I highly recommend!)
We didn't take a whole lot of pics for that because we were so exhausted and of the ones we did, um, they weren't so pretty. Harsh may be the best way to describe them. Oy.

It was a fantastic weekend and I'm glad to have spent it with such wonderful friends and my handsome husband. Now Matt and I are saving some serious moneys for our next concert. We will be seeing Iron Maiden in Sacramento in August. This also means I will be hitting up CVS for polish and hanging out with my super cool sister-in-law. Good times!

I have also decided that Matt must take me home to O.C. next summer. I am so homesick, it's not funny. It's about time he see my old haunts since I'm pretty sure I've seen almost every square inch of his hometown, Woodland, California. Just sayin' is all...

That does it for today. But I'd like to know: What concerts have you attended recently? What concerts will you be seeing in the near future? 
Thank you as always, for coming by. Have a terrific day!

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