Turkish Delight

Good Morning!

Today I have a fun surprise. Our friend, J.B., went to Turkey with his wife for his 60th birthday and he was kind enough to pick me up some nail polish. I was super excited when Matt brought these home to me and I love the colors that J.B.'s wife picked out.

Let's get to the photos then!

 Woo #649
Three coats

Sad that these have numbers rather than names. Seems almost epidemic.
This red is very pretty jelly and has very nice shimmer. The formula was a bit on the thick side but nothing major. Dry time was faster than I anticipated given the thickness. I was also pleased that there was no lumps, bubbling or any other imperfections.
There are no ingredients listed so I do not know if this is B3F. There was no odd odor nor was it very strong. Quite similar to most nail polishes available in the U.S.

Woo #505
Three coats

505 is a purple-y pink jelly with a nice blue flash and loads of shimmer. It too has a thick formula and god dry time. My application wasn't as good only because I got a snotch impatient and did not wait long enough between coats. The first coat applies sheer but builds in opacity quickly. Three coats is best.

I saved my very favorite of the three for last. It is so lovely.

Woo #550
Three coats

This is so pretty. It's blurple, duochrome. metallic and jelly. What I find so interesting about it is the charcoal base. It really adds some drama. The first coat is quite sheer but this too builds up nicely. The formula is just as thick as the other two. I want to try one thin coat as a topper and see what happens. 
This really resembles China Glaze Tempest so I need to do a comparison swatch.

What do you think? Are these super fun or what?  I will have to give J.B. a giant hug for thinking of me and bringing me these lovely treasures.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have sunnier weather wherever you may be!

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