Angels in the Outfield

Good morning!

I have some nail art to share with you today. This requires a tiny bit of backstory. I moved to Orange County, California in 1987 when I was 11. I have always loved baseball and I was a bit of an Atlanta Braves fan since we could always see their games on T.V. That all changed when my parents announced we were moving to California. I immediately began following Angels baseball since I knew we were moving near Anaheim and I was so excited to have a home team.

I've told you about our friends Chris and Jordan. They are from Texas and as baseball fans, they naturally follow the Texas Rangers. The Rangers and the Angels have had a long standing and fierce rivalry.
So, Matt decided that we all must get together and watch them play on T.V. Thus, I did some nail art.

A quick word about the teams colors: They see similar but they are not. The Rangers are red, white and blue.
The Angels are CARNELIAN, white and MIDNIGHT BLUE. Or navy. Whichever you prefer. Rangers blue is more similar to royal blue. So there.

See the difference?

Now, my nail art.

 Thumb and middle are Orly La Playa, three coats
Index and pinkie are Orly Star Spangled, three coats

Ring finger is Pure Ice Platinum Base coat, three coats
Dots are Orly La Playa and Star Spangled

It was a really simple look but I really liked it. Sadly, things did not work out so well for my Angels. They won one game in a three game series. Sad panda. 
I will have to do another look next month when the Angels and Rangers meet up again. I hope for better this time. 

That does it for today guys. Tomorrow is the final for the Eurovision Song Contest! I am so excited.
I make Matt watch the final show with me and though he doesn't want to admit it, he really enjoys it.
Either that, or he enjoys seeing some gorgeous women prancing about the stage. Whatever.

Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a great weekend!

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