Baby, bump that track (Pure Ice Vinyl Remix)

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Today I am bringing you one of the newest releases from Pure Ice, Vinyl Remix.

Vinyl Remix is a newer spin on the crackle polish trend. It comes in a duo package of a white base color and a special crackle polish. I'll be showing you four of the shades available.

First, I wanted to show you how this was packaged:

This came with a cute record shaped nail file.
As you can see, the crackle polish looks black. Sounds interesting...

Here is what Platinum Base Coat looks like on its own:

Platinum Base Coat, two coats, no top

Platinum base coat is a white creme polish. I have to be honest, I adore this. My favorite white creme polishes have always been Zoya Snow White and WnW Mad Styles. Platinum base coat is superb.
It was beautifully opaque in two coats and hardly streaky. It dries really quickly and is a lovely clean, white.
Smashing job, Pure Ice!

Let's move on to the crackles and see what it is that makes them special.

Vintage Remix
top photo: no top coat
bottom photo: with top coat

Emcee Me
No top coat

Top coat on index and ring

DJ Spinner
I had a little fun swatching this one...
I didn't wait long enough to let this dry before I added top coat to middle and ring fingers.

As you can see, all of the crackle top coats appear black in bottle. Once applied to the white base coat, they tint the white with color. 
I really enjoyed the effect although it wasn't "magical" per se. All of these top coats applied beautifully, dried quickly and with a matte finish. They crack very well and I was impressed that they will still crack even if you apply lightly over an already cracked area. I don't like that this looks like black crackle, I wish it was clearer that this was purple, green, etc. crackle as well as show the tint. I do understand that it's not possible considering what it is you get. Just shooting an idea out there!

I was most excited for Emcee Me and DJ Spinner since I hoard yellows and greens for Duck Day manicures. I was a little disappointed with Emcee Me because it was more of a green based yellow. My assumption was that it might be brighter just by judging the sticker on the bottle. Of course, once I went to apply it I could tell that it was a very deep seaweed green in bottle. Thus, the end result makes sense but I still long for a lemony yellow.

DJ Spinner was lovely. I appreciate it's almost neon tone. Very helpful for my Duck Day manis since one of the uniform combos features a neon green. I would have loved to have seen more of an emerald tone but this is still pleasing.

Rave wasn't as impressive without top coat. The orange was very brown toned and in some light could appear brown. Once top coat was applied, the orange tint was much more vibrant. My other issue was that it is similar to Oregon State's colors. I don't like the Beavs, so...that's just me and not a knock against Pure Ice. 

Vintage Remix is my favorite since it is purple. I had a lot of fun playing with this and I think it's the most versatile of the collection.

Overall, I was quite pleased with these. Platinum Base Coat is by far one of the best white cremes I've used. I still enjoy the crackle trend and I appreciate Pure Ice doing something a little different.

Do you need this? Probably and probably not. As much as I like the packaging and the concept, I wish they would sell the top coats apart from the base. Because if you want all the colors, you will have much more white creme polish than you may want.
If you're over the crackle trend, you will not be interested. If you are like me, you may only opt for the colors that interest you. 
I do recommend this for the novice. It's an easy way to enter into nail art or ease into trying different colors. As always, Pure Ice is very affordable. However, I do not have the price point for this but I presume that it will be under $10. This collection will be available at Walmart and should be popping upon shelves now.

Tomorrow, I will be showing you more of Vinyl Remix and some ideas to use it!

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Disclosure: These items were sent to me for review. The opinions expressed are my own and do not represent the opinion of Bari Cosmetics and Pure Ice.


  1. I just bought these and while i'm excited to see what i can come up with i can't seem to get them to be bright. The colors are very pale. If you could tell me what i'm doing wrong i'd appreciate it :)

    1. Hi Robert, thank you for coming by.
      I'm afraid the only suggestion I can make is to be sure the pigment is really well mixed. Crackle top coats do well when shaken unlike regular nail polish. I'd also recommend layering these over a similar color to get more pop. I did that in my follow up to this post.

      Finally, use a good top coat. Out The Door is my personal favorite.
      Hope this helps!


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