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Good morning!

Looks like I have finally hit the last of my backlog of old swatches. I have several new things to show you but today I am focused on the old.

 Love & Beauty Teal, three coats, no top coat.

Macro shot

Love & Beauty is ace at naming their polish. That said, Teal is a lovely, glass flecked jelly that flashes blue and a little purple. It's not at all opaque but it makes a great layering polish. I think it would be pretty awesome in a jelly sandwich too. Formula was good, dry time quick. It was also cheap. I picked this up at Forever 21 for under three dollars.

It seems I can't go into Dollar Tree without walking out with at least one polish. Especially L.A. Colors.

 L.A. Colors Color Craze Electrified
Three coats, no top

Macro shot

Electrified is a bright pink foil with lots of silver shimmer. I really enjoy foils like these because they look almost pebbled. A lot of foils are great for stamping but sadly, I haven't yet tried to see if this one is. No worries, I shall report my findings.
This applies nicely in spite of the formula being a little thick. If you don't wait for each coat to dry thoroughly, you will get bald patches. Two thicker coats achieves opacity but I typically prefer three, thin coats.
Can't complain about the price for sure! I can usually scrounge up a dollar...

There you have it. Two lovely and affordable polishes that will see you nicely through Spring and Summer.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a great day!

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