Chop it, remix it (Pure Ice Vinyl Remix)

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Today I am bringing you some more of the Pure Ice Vinyl Remix. I wanted to show some other ways that it can be used as well as demonstrate more of it's color reveal. One does not necessarily need the Platinum Base Coat to achieve the color change of this collection and, honestly, any white creme will do. But what I wanted to show was that one is not simply limited to white creme for a base!
I had a lot of fun playing with this and I keep coming up with more ideas each time.

Let's move on to some photos:

 Vinyl Remix top coat in Emcee Me over
unnamed Maybelline iridescent white, no top coat

I wanted to see how Emcee me could look over an iridescent white. I was hoping it would appear less a green based yellow. It kind of does but what was interesting was the duochrome shining through the crackle itself. I like how this turned out because it gives me another use for this rather icky white. (It's not a good layering polish and on its own it is very, um, older lady.)

Vinyl Remix Rave 
over CQ Rustic Dream with top coat

Rave has been a bit of a disappointment for me because the orange isn't as vibrant as I would like.
However, it amps up the orange in Rustic Dream. Rave does not muddy or hide the amazing duochrome of Rustic Dream either. I tried Rave over a lot of oranges in my stash and it just looked like black crackle over orange. This was the best combination I tried. I have some more oranges to try with this though. If any wow me, I will share them.

Another way that these can be used is over a nude-ish or nude polish.

 Base is Orly Pure Porcelain
Index: Rave
Middle: DJ Spinner
Ring: Emcee Me
Pinkie: Vintage Remix

Rave over Pure Porcelain, no top coat
Better orange color!

DJ Spinner over Pure Porcelain, no top coat
Love how the green is so vibrant.

Emcee Me over Pure Porcelain
Finally, more the yellow tone I wanted!

I think I have found the best base to achieve the yellow I want from Emcee Me. Orly never fails me! That said, a nude or nude-ish polish is a great base for these. Especially if you don't want a truly bright white.

I had some more fun with some nail art as well as more layering over other colors.

Index is Vintage Remix over ChG Sea Spray
Ring finger is Vintage Remix over Essie Barefoot in Blue
Middle and pinkie are Platinum Base Coat
I made a heart stencil for the middle and tape to make the chevron on the pinkie
and I used Vintage Remix by itself. 

I love the difference in tone of Vintage Remix over Sea Spray and Barefoot in Blue.

Finally, I wanted to show you something that is really different about Vinyl Remix.

 Each Vinyl Remix crackle can be applied to base coat.
This is two coats. 
It does crack but what happens next is rather cool.

Platinum Base Coat over the following:
Index: Rave
Middle: DJ Spinner
Ring: Emcee Me
Pinkie: Vintage Remix

Granted, these swatches are rather thick and bubbled. But with a thinner coat and perhaps more than a minute to dry, you can achieve a better result. This "reverse" technique is pretty cool. The color really pops and the crackle is even more textured. This is similar to the jelly crackle sandwiches, albeit a creme.
This is something I want to play more with because I see a lot of possibilities.
I saw the "reverse" technique in this video:

Vinyl Remix from BariBubble on Vimeo.

These are just some of the ideas I came up with and it was a lot of fun to do. This expanded my use of Vinyl Remix and they will have a happy place in my nail art box!

Thank you for coming by. I hope you enjoyed Vinyl Remix!

Disclosure: Vinyl Remix was sent to me for review. The opinions expressed are my own and do not represent those of Bari Cosmetics and Pure Ice.

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