May Day IS the Lamb's Day (Very photo heavy.)

Good morning!

My birthday was on Tuesday (May Day, neato!) and I wanted to show you my mani as well as my haul.
I was super spoiled by Matt and it was a great day filled with lots of love, surprises and warm wishes.
Thank you to my special online friends who wished me a happy day. Your kindness and consideration always touches my heart!

Let's start with the mani:

Index and ring are Orly Fowl Play with a smidge of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple
All others are Love & Beauty Purple Jelly
topped with Essie Shine of the Times 
and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Purple is my favorite color and I always wear a purple mani for my birthday. This year, I wanted flakes and holo and I sure got 'em! I'm so thrilled to finally have Fowl Play. You have no idea how bad I was lemming that.
As for the item I'm holding, it's a "Moongram" pendant. It's part of something truly special to me that I will be sharing in a moment.

Here's what Matt spoiled me with. He's been listening!

 Tony Iommi's autobiography.
Great read and very illuminating about him, Black Sabbath, Ozzy and Ronie James Dio.
He is an amazing man and I am in awe of him.

 Glenn Hughes's autobiography.
If you do not know who he is, shame on you.
Glenn Hughes is one of my very favorite singers and he is a phenomenal bassist.
If you're curious, check out anything from his newest band Black Country Communion
or Youtube my favorite Deep Purple song, "You Keep on Moving."

Both of these books are so wonderful to have. And since Deep Purple and Black Sabbath are tied at number one for my favorite band(s), totally appropriate. 

 This. This is the height of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal geekery.
I just love Eddie Trunk and I never miss an episode of "That Metal Show."
Matt often says I'm the female counterpart of Eddie because I have a lot
of  Hard Rock/Metal trivia stored away. And I love UFO almost as much as he does.
I would love to meet Eddie Trunk someday. We would have so much to discuss.

Of course, I was super excited about this gift.
So I tweeted Eddie Trunk and he replied!
Damn right, I favorited that one.

Matt says he has a final gift on the way to me but what I want to show you was the one gift he HAD to get me:

 This is the LE boxed  digibook edition of Moonspell's
new album, Alpha Noir.
Another shot of the "moongram" pendant that came with.
It is amazing, of course. But it's also a cool concept.
"Alpha Noir" and "Omega White" are essentially Moonspell's music halved.
"AN" is their extreme metal side and "OW" is their gothic rock side.

 Inside the box.

 The cover art for "Omega White."

Top shot: "Omega White" CD and lyric sheets.
Bottom shot: "Alpha Noir" CD and lyric sheets.

Finally, this photo to demonstrate that this was packaged in a book.
There was also a poster of the album art that came with
but I am saving that for the next time Moonspell comes to Oregon.
I WILL have it signed.

That, my friends, is how you do it. If you want someone to buy a CD, you must not only have great music but you must give them something they would not get from downloading. Moonspell has always been good at this. E-book with CD? They did that with their "Antidote" album. Moonspell has always had some kind of interesting concept with each album but never in that pretentious "concept album" way. As we all know, the best concept album in METAL (Not looking at you, Pink Floyd.) is Queensryche's "Operation Mindcrime."
Believe it.

Pretty awesome haul, no?

Finally, I want to show you the gift I received from my friend, Jordan.
I've told you about her before but I want to reiterate just how madly in love I am with her. She is so lovely, sweet and fun. 

Jordan painted this for me and it will be hung with pride in my coming nail polish room.
Isn't it gorgeous?

She also got me some stunning carnations and a super sweet card. Jordan has a lot of talent and she's done some really awesome work. She's going to paint another picture for me when I redocorate my bedroom.
She also sells some of her work on Etsy, so if you are interested, you can check them out HERE.

It was a wonderful birthday and I had a lovely day. I'm grateful to have had 36 wonderful years on this Earth and privileged to know and love such inspiring, creative, compassionate people.  
I include all of you in this sentiment. Thank you so much. Love to you all!

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