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I was saddened to hear about the passing of Donna Summer last week. I know what you're thinking. "Lamby, you're a metalhead. Why would you care about a disco queen?"
I won't front. I like a lot of music outside of metal. And I love disco. Because this metal lamb likes to dance.
Donna Summer was a damn fine singer and she loved what she did. My favorite songs of hers are On the Radio and Love to Love You. I really love On the Radio because I've always been obsessed with the movie Foxes.

I so dig Jodie Foster's middle aged lady outfit in this poster.

I want to talk about that movie for a moment. It has everything I could want. Jodie Foster looking all pensive and beset. Bad acting, bad dialogue and questionable romantic interests. (Really? Randy Quaid? The casting director must have been chowing down on the 'ludes.) It's the classic cautionary tale of teens in L.A and it is glorious. I highly recommend it especially if you devise a drinking game for it.
There is also a cameo by the hard rock band, Angel. It's probably the least believable scene in the movie.

Getting back to the point now. I'm  paying tribute with a polish I would have worn to the disco had I been around in those days. (Ok, I kind of was but I was an infant.)

 Butter London Wallis
three coats, no top coat

I love this polish so much. It's sparkly, shiny and complex. I love how it's olive green in some lights and golden in others. The formula for this is lovely and dry time was surprisingly quick. 
This definitely would have been a bad ass accompaniment to a hot Halston dress. Oh yeah...
Oh dear, I am so silly.  

Thank you for the good times, Ms. Summer. You'll always be my queen.

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