Tahiti Sunrise

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Today I have another Dollar Tree find for you. Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop period but more so because they always have L.A. Colors. Which was a little bit harder for me to get my hands on. That could be changing a bit though. Fred Meyer is no longer carrying Sinful Colors and has replaced that with L.A. Colors. I'm disappointed but I am glad to have a little more selection of L.A. Colors. Win some and lose some...

L.A. Colors Color Craze Tahiti Sunrise

Three coats, no top coat

Tahiti Sunrise is a strong orange toned coral with a pink flash. It's not a strong duochrome and has lovely shimmer. It is a jelly formula and it is still rather sheer at three coats. However, it is one of those that it's hard to see VNL with the shimmer lights up. This works great as a layering polish as well as on its own.

I love L.A. Colors. I've never had an issue with their formulas and dry time has usually been really good. This was no exception. Tahiti Sunrise flowed easily and smoothly on the nail and dried quickly.
I used this in a gradient sponge manicure as my base color and it was great! I've tried it sponged over other colors and it worked beautifully. 
Overall, this is a versatile polish with great formula. A welcome addition to any stash!

That does it for today. I will be watching round 2 of the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals. Which means I will also be on Twitter making snarky and highly inappropriate comments during the show. Feel free to join me, especially if you've never seen it. It's magical.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a lovely day! 


  1. Looks great on you! Super shiny. Enjoy Eurovision! I am definitely sad to be missing it this year after last year.

  2. @H
    Thank you for coming by!
    I'm sorry you will be missing Eurovision. It's like Christmas for me!


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