The Clothes (and accessories) Make the Lamb

Good morning!

Today is a bit of randomness. I took a couple of outfit photos because I seem to have made a habit wearing skirts/dresses for the past three weeks or so. Since I've set a precedent for myself, I figured I may as well go forth.
I also have photos of what Matt spoiled me rotten with when went to the Woodburn outlets. Because I like to show off sometimes. No worries, I still have some nail photos and whatnot but I thought this a bit of a diversion.

Moving on...

Skirt: "magic dress" thingie I bought in Cancun
Tank top: Walmart
Jacket: Old Navy
Bag: Freebie with purchase from a local vendor at the Eugene Home Show.
It says, "Happy Diwali" and has Ganesh on it.

This is what I wore to the Eugene Saturday Market he weekend before last. It's a little boho. My hometown is chock full of  hippies and the Saturday Market is a hippie/artisan event downtown. I love going and seeing a lot of beautifully made items as well as really weird things. However, my favorite parts are the Farmer's Market and the amazeball vegetarian burritos in the food area.

Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Came with a pair of jeans

On Saturday we had a small birthday gathering for my auntie at my mom's house. The weather was really weird that day so I couldn't decide what shoes to wear. I ended up wearing below knee brown engineer boots which gave the whole outfit a more Southwestern feel.
I love this dress and I've owned it for ages. I love shirtdresses and this one serves as a beach coverup when denim clothing goes out of style again. 

Now to show you how terribly spoiled I am.

I'll be upfront. I have a weakness for Coach bags. I don't like the logo bags even though I have one. But I adore the leather bags. The outlet store at Woodburn was having a crazy sale so Matt got me both wristlets.
I've been needing some fairly casual clutch bags especially since I'm a giant bag kind of lamb.
They are fab and I'm so grateful to Matt for buying them for me.

I think eventually I should do a handbag post. I have a major weakness for bags. I don't own a whole lot because I'm picky and cheap but I have a bag for almost occasion.
That will do it for today. I have a lot to accomplish today and plenty more to show you.

Thank you for coming by and have a great day!

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