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Good morning!

A couple of weeks ago, I had an epic weekend. I stayed with friends in Lake Oswego and did some nail polish shopping at my favorite shopping center in Tualatin. Which is pretty cool itself but it was a trip to the outlet stores in Woodburn and coming home to a surprise birthday/anniversary party.
So, I got pretty spoiled. And I celebrated my birthday all over again as well as me and Matt's13th anniversary.

So, let me show you what I DIDN'T purchase at Ulta.

 Destined Sparkle Berry
three coats, no top coat

Blurred to show holo sparkle goodness

Destined is a brand that can be found at Tilly's and retails for $2.99. Tilly's is definitely a store for younger people that carries skate/surf brand clothing and accessories. But the nail polish was awesome. Totally worth it. (Also for the snazzy neon socks I got too.)

Sparkle Berry is, well, a berry jelly loaded with holo glitter. It was a little thick but nothing unmanageable. 
VNL still appears at three coats but I like it. Those who don't may want to use it for layering or jelly sandwiches. Because it was thick, I worried it would take too long to dry. Not so much! 
This is a stunner to be sure. I highly recommend.

Next is a neon I knew I had to have. It's been pretty rare to find neons I don't already have so I'm stoked when I do.

 Destined Coral
Three coats, no top coat

All photos without white basecoat underneath.

Coral is amazing. And incredibly difficult to photograph. What makes Coral so cool is that it flashes pink. Hells yes! This was also a little thick and it applies unevenly because of its visocosity. I am going try thinning it and see if it helps. However, I love this color so much that I am willing to baby it along. Like any neon, it dries matte and top coat really lets that pink flash shine. Totally worth it and very welcome in my stash!

You can find Destined polishes at Tilly's stores and online. Tilly's also carries some Color Club polishes as well. Selection definitely varies at stores.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you had a good weekend!


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    1. Thank you, Karen. They're both very lovely, I highly recommend them.

  2. Woah woah woah that coral is INSANE! :)

    1. It is pretty awesome. The pink flash on it really comes out with top coat. Either way, it is searing. My favorite kind of neon!


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