Dude, it's a laser light show

Good morning!

I love it when it's sunny and warm. Oregon is simply the most glorious place to be when the weather is so nice. I try to take advantage of that because it is so fleeting. That means bike rides, hikes and backyard barbecues. Most importantly, it also means I have to wear holos as much as possible.

I have been shopping my stash and I'm falling back in love with the colors I got from the China Glaze Tronica collection. I was originally underwhelmed by this color but I think it was more to do with first wearing it while it was still grey and rainy last year. We've had a bit more sun this spring so I've really been able to appreciate its beauty.

 China Glaze Laser Lime

Three coats over base coat, no top coat

I feel like I am finally doing this justice. I've posted a picture of it before, HERE, with Konad. It was a good look but the pic was lame and I did it in March so there was almost no sun. 
That said, Laser Lime is pretty rad. It is a scattered holo but it does have some moments that it appears a snotch linear. I really wish I had worn this the last time I went to Cancun...

Laser Lime applies nicely. It could be a bit patchy in two coats but three was just fine for me. This doesn't necessarily need a special base coat, I used a fairly mediocre base coat and got god results. It does dry fast and sparkles. I love the flashes of gold,blue and bronze. How I love a multidimensional polish.

I purchased this at Sally Beauty last year and I don't recall how much I paid. You can find this periodically on Amazon and ebay. 

Thank you for coming by. I hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Is this a holographic polish? Its a beaut!!



    1. Alice it is a holographic polish. It's a scattered one rather than linear like a lot of NfuOhs. But it is pretty snazzy! Thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it!

  2. I really like this one!! Nice green! :D

    1. Ashesela, thank you very much for coming by! I agree that this is a great polish. I do love greens!


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