I Belong to You, You Belong to Me

EDIT: This was originally scheduled to appear on Monday. I decided to publish sooner because I want to start my Heavy Metal series on Monday.

Good morning!

My nails were damaged last week while I was helping my poor injured mommy and I had to get drastic. I ended up cutting my nails pretty short which you will see later this week. But before I did, I had to get some more supplies to bring them back. So I went to Fred Meyer to pick up some more Nail Magic and well, of course I picked up some polish!

 Essence You Belong To Me

Three coats over ridge filler base coat, no top coat

I love Essence so much. But this was a rare disappointment. You Belong to Me is a great sky blue creme with lovely shimmer. It was a bear to apply. It was thick, streaky and uneven. My nails weren't awesome either but the formula was just unpleasant. I'd been wanting another sky blue for my stash and this fit the bill. I just did not expect it to apply so badly. I plan on adding some thinner and see if it helps.
I'll be keeping this even if it doesn't because it will be a great base for sponging.

This has sure been a sad couple of weeks for new polishes for me. I've been disappointed with bad formulas and underwhelming shades. Not to mention misbehaving nails. Le sigh. At least I'm off to a good start. My nails are shorter and I have plenty of Nail Magic. No other nail treatment helps my nails as much as that!

I purchased this at Fred Meyer for 99 cents. Essence Colour & Go can also be purchased at Ulta.

Thank you so much for coming by. Hope the day finds you well!


  1. I look forward to your Metal posts! And they can't all be winners right? the color is nice!

    1. Thanks Candy! I hope you will enjoy the metal series.
      I'm bummed about this particular polish but I'm pretty sure I can save it.


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