Iron Red

Good morning!

The other day I was gathering together some nail art ideas and I realized that I had a polish that I never swatched. Which then reminded me that I had done some nail art that I had never photographed. To remedy that, I bring you the swatch and I will have to try and recreate that manicure. Silly lamb...
Allow me to show you a most welcome addition to the stash.

 L.A. Girl Iron Red, three coats, no top coat.
Taken in indoor light

Iron Red, natural (partly cloudy) light

I've shown you some other colors from the Metal line HERE and HERE. The collection itself was kind of hit or miss formula wise but the colors are great. Iron Red is by far my favorite.
I appreciate a different take on red and this one is awesome. In some lights it's a truer red while in others it's a very deep pink verging into magenta.

This applies beautifully and dries fast. I always prefer three coats but two thicker coats will give you opacity.
As with most foils, I suggest making sure each coat is really dry before applying the next to avoid bald patches. 

Here's why I have to try and recreate the nail art I did with this, I found out that this works quite well for stamping. It looks amazing stamped over black. I do love me a multi-use polish!
Looks like I'm off to work on that bit of nail art then. 

I purchased this at Fred Meyer on clearance for $2.99. This appears to still be available at Cherry Culture for $2.50.

Thank you for coming by and have a terrific day!

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