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Good morning!

Last weekend was a lovely, warm and sunny one. That always inspires me to give myself manicures and pedicures that will sparkle and shine. My toes have been rocking some holo but I didn't want to do that on my fingers. I racked my brain to think of things in my stash that would be super special in the sun and it hit me.
I own color changing polishes from Del Sol. I must use them!

I purchased my Del Sol polishes two years ago in Cancun and I reviewed all of them but one in these posts.
I wanted to do something slightly different than slap them on and go. So I decided to see how it might work as a jelly sandwich. It was a smashing success and now I have a bit more use for my Del Sols.

What I did:
I began with a layer of Pure Ice Rosebud. It's a great layering polish and terrific for jelly sandwiches.
(I did a JS last year with Rosebud that was pretty cool and is now in my top 50 polishes). Then I added a layer of Del Sol Ruby Slipper. Indoors, Ruby Slipper appears as silver glitter in a clear base. Together it looks like a shimmery, glittery rosy coral.

 Pure Ice Rosebud and Del Sol Ruby Slippers
Three coats each with top coat

Taken in natural indoor light

I was concerned that layering like this might keep Ruby Slipper from changing color but I am happy to report that is not the case.

 Rosebud and Ruby Slipper in sunlight

Ruby Slipper changes into a rosy red jelly in the sun. It depends on how may layers you apply to develop a darker color and it is what makes this great for layering. So, pairing the two together give this beautiful berry color with shimmer and glitter. 

I'm so glad to have stumbled upon this. Of course this means I will be doing more of these with my other Del Sol polishes. More pictures to come when I do!

I received Rosebud as a birthday gift last year but it is part of Pure Ice's core line and can be found at Walmart. I purchased my Del Sol  polishes at the Del Sol store in Cancun, Mexico at $10 each.

Thank you for coming by. I hope you will have a great weekend!


  1. The shade looks elegant. :)
    A new nail blogger and your newest follower here! :) Hoping you could drop by my blog.

    Thank you! :)

  2. Thank you very much for coming by and your kind words. I will be sure to check out your blog!


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