Off the Shoulder and Off the Rails

Good morning!

I am somewhat active on Klout and I have received a few snazzy "perks" from it. I was pretty excited to log in one day and find that I was awarded a perk from Essie. What I knew was that I would receive a color from the collection but did not know what color I would receive.

Last week I opened my mail box and found a box waiting for me with new nail polish inside. And this is what I received:

Essie Off The Shoulder

Three coats, no top coat over ridge filling base coat

Oh, Essie. I really like this brand even though I don't own a lot. It's been my experience that the formula for Essie can be hit or miss. Some colors apply so beautifully and some not as much. It's an experience that many have had as well. Most recently, Ice Queen had issue with the formula of Camera.
I know a lot of people feel the formula has gone downhill since being purchased by L'Oreal but I disagree.
I have a couple of Essies from before the purchase and have had problems. It happens. And it happens with a lot of brands.

That said, this is a pretty pepto pink creme. I'm not fond of pink in general but I'm dismayed that this was so underwhelming. There is very little exciting about it. I know red and pink cremes are Essie's specialty besides sheers but I wanted more. I was most disappointed with the formula. It was thick and kind of sticky. It applied pretty streaky and uneven.

I feel a little ungrateful for complaining about this since I got it for free and it was a generous perk. But I have to be honest about my feelings. I'm very grateful to have been awarded this perk and it was great to try this out. I'm sorry that it just did not work out for me. This will not keep me from using Essie and buying other colors. Essie does some really good things and I will always be a fan!

Thank you for coming by. I hope you have a great day!


  1. I'm wearing this right now - just applied it last night - and I totally agree about the formula. It was little thick and not at all self leveling. It took me three coats to cover the bald spots and it's still not as nice as I would like. At least yours was free! (Although... I guess I can say at least mine is only from the mini set.)

    1. Thanks for coming by Grace. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in being dissatisfied with the formula of this.
      I still feel like I've looked a gift horse in the mouth but I just can't be dishonest.

  2. It's a pretty shade. You could add a few drops of thinner. That usually fixes the polish I have consistency issues with.

    1. Thank you for coming by Lola!
      You're absolutely right about the thinner. I'm a bit frustrated that I've purchased several polishes in the last few months that needed that fix. Just sayin' is all.


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