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Good morning!

Today I have the Fairytale Fashionista mini collection from Ulta. The collection consists of four mini pastel foil lacquers.

Before we begin, allow me a moment for a brief rant.
I often speak of my love for the Eurovision Song Contest. I'm often disappointed by the results because clearly, I have no idea what kind of crap music is popular in Europe. Or I have no particular ancient nationalist pride/regional rivalry. Silly American...
Anyway. The 2009 contest was a giant disappointment for me. The entries were just terrible. I know that's not saying much considering but that has to be pretty bad for a contest known for the horrible music showcased.
I especially hated the song that won. It was a trainwreck and the kid singing it looked like such a smarmy little snot.
Check it out for yourself:

 Ugh. That is terrible.

So, why do I bring this up? Because I kept hearing this song in my head while swatching. Also, I hate the name of the collection. I do not like the word, "fashionista." But that's another tirade entirely. Another time perhaps.
Let's just move on to the photos.

Back by Midnight, three coats, no top coat
A bronzed champagne foil, decent formula, can be very patchy.

Magic Forest, three coats, no top coat.
Mint green foil, thin formula, applies streaky and patchy.

Belle of the Ball, two coats, no top coat.
Pink foil, thicker formula, applies patchy.

Glass Slipper, three coats, no top coat.
Soft blue glass fleck/foil. Thin formula, very sheer and patchy.

All colors layered over WNW Ebony Hates Chris.
Left to right:
Glass Slipper, Belle of the Ball, Back by Midnight, Magic Forest.
This was a terrible idea.

This collection is a bit of a disappointment. The colors are all shiny, sparkly and pretty. But they have major application and opacity issues. The good news is that they dry very quickly. I think I will be using this set for nail art. They should sponge nicely and Belle of the Ball may be good for stamping.
I purchased this from Ulta for $7.99. It is no longer available online but may pop up in the clearance section at Ulta stores.

Thanks for putting up with my cranky Eurovision rant! Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love the slight shimmer thats consistent throughout this whole collection :) Great swatches too btw!


    1. Thanks for coming by, Alice. Glad you liked it. I agree that these are all pretty, I just can't wear them on their own. :(

  2. "Popular" by the Swedish entrant last year (?) still makes me cringe.

    1. Yes, that was last year. It was ridiculous and that kid looked like a smug little bastard too. Guess I'm picky about bad music too. ;)


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