Sweet, sweet holo

Good morning!

I have something else from my epic weekend to show you. I went a little crazy, for me anyway. But Matt made sure I had a weekend full of fun and surprises and gave me free rein.

Thus, I present a ridiculously priced item that I will be hoarding like crazy go nuts. (Very funny coming from a woman who owns a Chanel polish...)

 Layla Hologram Effect Ultra Violet
three coats, no top coat

Oh, holy buckets...

Okay, I LOVE holo. I have a couple of other Layla polishes that I treasure. But I do not love the price. This is special splurge pricing. Since I like to buy polish almost every week and I also like to eat, this is not going to be a regular thing. Just saying.

Anyway. This is stunning. Purple, holo...drool... I decided against buying the buffer offered with these because I have a tendency to overbuff my nails and...um, yeah, I wanted to buy MOAR things.
Typically, linear holos are a pain to apply. They can be patchy and streaky. Which is why you have to buy fancy pants base coats for them. A fancy base coat that I do not have and cannot currently afford. So, I was worried.
This did way better than I expected. I noticed a streaky part on my thumb but I had to really examine my nails. It flowed nicely on the nail, dried quickly and knocked my socks off.

I am so happy to have this since linear holos are like nail polish unicorns. (Stupid price hike in pigments!)
I'm cheap and my tiny NP budget has shrunk even more now that I'm a stay at home wife. This is a once in a long while kind of purchase for me. Which means I will be sticking to scattered holos like the ones from Golden Rose. Still stunning and much more budget friendly.
That said, I got this at Ulta for $15.50. Ouch.

My question is what is the most you have spent on a single nail polish? My record is still held by Chanel. Yes, I am still stunned that I own anything Chanel.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a great day.

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