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Good day!
I am introducing a new series here. I will be showing you heavy metal themed manicures as well as discussing a bit of metal history and breaking down some of the subgenres of metal. I am challenging myself quite a bit with my fairly limited nail art skills. I can’t freehand much but I can stamp, sponge, stencil and tape!

Metal is pretty diverse and becomes more so. But Metal has an origin, some of which is traced back to the Blues masters of the American South, the English Invasion bands and the Psychedelic rock of the 1960s. What I want to focus on first is the late 1960s/early 1970s that truly shaped heavy metal music. I maintain that there are only two bands that lay claim to the mantle of the forefathers of Metal. Those bands are Deep Purple and Black Sabbath.

If you have ever played the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” game, you will understand what I am about to discuss. The premise of “Six Degrees,” is that many movies can be traced to Kevin Bacon in six steps or less. Roughly the same can be said for Deep Purple and Black Sabbath. However, the point is not how many bands and artists you can connect in a matter of steps. This is more like rock and roll genealogy. Just how many bands are related to Deep Purple and Black Sabbath?
(I recommend Pete Frame's beautifully hand drawn and lettered family trees as a resource. They were how I got started in this and they provide a great deal of information! This is where the links above will take you!)

The answer is A LOT. And in some terribly surprising ways. This “family tree” is incredibly large, tangled and with many limbs. It’s a crazy kind of music geekdom and well, it’s only less obsessive than your friendly conspiracy theorist/paranoiac. One could easily devote too much time to tracing this. But I won’t. I plan on giving a fairly quick summation and as I feature bands, I will make a mention of how they are related, if they are at all. I will highlight bands that I either think best represent the genre or that I just really, really like.

Let’s get started then. There will be lots of photos, some history, videos and I’ve no doubt some dissent.

Remember, WE ROCK!

Just a note on the family tree: I do not include members who only toured with a band. My criteria maintains that one must have at least recorded an album or been listed as a member in official lineup. Feel free to disagree!


  1. This is such a good idea- you should make this a challenge, I'd love to do this!

    1. Thank you for coming by Sofia. A challenge is a great idea! Contact me when the series is done and let's launch it together! I would love to see what you create and it would be so cool to get more nail polish loving metal heads involved.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for coming by. I'm always glad to meet other Sabbath fans! Hope you'll like my upcoming Sabbath manicure and I also hope you will enjoy the series.

  3. I just thought of a joke while reading this.... "Hey Metallica, want to hear a joke? St. Anger." The weirdest things bubble up in my brain....

    1. That's pretty rad. And, that Metallica album was fucking lame. Such a shame.

    2. I have to stop posting as my boyfriend's account. GAHHH!


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