This is a Terrible Nail Polish Name

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Today I have a polish that my sister got me from Dollar Tree. This was packaged with another polish I will show you later. I am troubled by the name though. It's just not right.

 Max Factor Diamond Hard "Fever Flesh"

Three coats, no top coat

Before I talk about the polish itself, I want to discuss the name. "Fever Flesh" is an awful name. I immediately think of when I had the flu years ago that struck me with a 104 degree fever and hallucinations. It's not a particularly fond memory. I'd like to think the thought process behind the name is that "Fever Flesh"  alludes to being flushed with passion. I want to believe this. That's cheeky and kind of cute. But, no. All I imagine is sickness. Beautifully done, Max Factor.

Now about the polish. I love this. The color works great with my skin tone. I love how it appears warm and peachy in the sunlit photo and cool and rosy in the shade photo. Both photos are accurate so I guess this is one of those widely flattering shades.

I was concerned the formula may be no good since it's a little older but it was nice. It's a little runny and thin but not unmanageable. It was beautifully opaque at three coats. What impressed me the most was how quickly it dried. I really expected it to take forever. I am intrigued that the label proclaims it a "perle" and it appears creme on the nail. Perhaps it changed from sitting for so long? It definitely does not have shimmer. Who knows?

This is also a color that I've been lacking in my stash. I did not have a "flesh" toned polish but plenty of neutrals. Sadly, Max Factor stopped selling in the U.S. about three years ago. So I don't know if they even still produce this color and if so, if I can purchase another. This means I'm on a mission to find a dupe or something very similar. 

I wanted to see how this would look with one of my very favorite neutral/sheer/shimmer polishes, L.A.Colors Megawatt.

One coat L.A. Colors Megawatt
layered over
three coats of Max Factor Fever Flesh

This was a lovely combination. Megawatt has a peachy tone to it that complements the peach in Fever Flesh. The subtle golden shimmer gives some extra interest. It's a very ladylike manicure. For a not at all ladylike Lamb. 

Anyway. Less with the commentary about myself. How do you like this? Any ideas for polishes that dupe or come close to this? Let me know!

Thank you so much for coming by. Have a great day!


  1. Unfortunate name, nice color. I thought of "The Walking Dead" which I just started watching... 'first comes the fever....'

    1. Thanks for coming by. I never even thought about a zombie connection. That is brilliant. I feel vindicated that this really is a bad name!


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