Few Against Many (Mighty Lambchop's Heavy Metal Nails #5)

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Before we begin, I apologize for not posting this yesterday as promised. I had a crisis to attend to. I do have semi-good news though. I've managed to secure a job interview so that's promising. Still going to be beating the streets with my resume until I find something, however.
Let's move on then.

Today we talk about a favorite genre of mine, Power Metal. Power Metal used to be used interchangeably with Heavy Metal. That was until a wave of European bands came along. These bands offered double bass drumming, straight power chord progression of rhythm guitar, melodic leads and clean, higher pitched vocals.
The lyrical themes have been described as "happy" and "upbeat." Typically, Power Metal songs feature anthemic songs with uplifting messages about self-sufficiency and perseverance. One could say Power Metal is the motivational speaker of the Heavy Metal world.
Power Metal is decidedly much more popular in Europe rather than the U.S. There are a few exceptions and two bands I will be featuring have been quite popular in the U.S. 


DragonForce formed in 1999 in England. The band at one time billed themselves as The World's Fastest Melodic Speed Power Metal Newcomer. I love when bands use hyperbole. At one time, you couldn't flip through a metal magazine without seeing some over the top ad, loaded with exclamations like that. Anyway. DragonForce is crazy fast. It was that speed that set them apart and attracted U.S. attention for them. That, and their music being offered in Guitar Hero III. DragonForce has been very polarizing for metal fans. You either love them or hate them. They've been criticized for how fast they play and that it sounds like video game music. There was even a bit of controversy when the band was accused of speeding up their music in the studio. This was during a tour in which the band was plagued with technical difficulties and was forced to drop tune their guitars. It was alleged that they couldn't actually play at the speed they claimed. This was eventually dispelled during later tours.
DragonForce has a new singer now and new album out called The Power Within. Unfortunately, I have not heard it yet but I hope it's better than their last. They really got carried away with the "video game" sound. I love DragonForce and they have a permanent place on my iPod.

My Picks for DragonForce:


Firewind is a Greek band that formed as a side project for guitarist, Gus G., in 1998. The band was plagued with revolving lineups and periods of inactivity due to Gus G.'s involvement in other bands such as Dream EvilNightrage and Mystic Prophecy. Firewind became Gus G.'s primary band with the hiring of Greek musicians who would be fully devoted to Firewind and a worldwide distro deal with Century Media.
I discovered Firewind in 2007, after their release of the Allegiance album. I fell madly in love and Firewind has also become a permanent resident on my iPod.
In 2009, it was announced that Gus G. would replace Zakk Wylde in Ozzy Osbourne's band. That now makes Firewind part of the Deep Purple/Black Sabbath family tree. Frankly, I'm glad for this development. I love Zakk Wylde but I do not like Black Label Society. Gus's involvement brings Ozzy's music back to the classic metal sound and it's so welcome.
There was some concern that Firewind would be laid aside with Gus's commitment to Ozzy but the band has released two new albums since. Firewind is currently touring in support of Few Against Many.

My picks for Firewind:

Breaking the Silence  - This has a great guest appearance from Tara Teresa.

This all leads me to my manicure. Since I love Firewind so much I decided to pay tribute to them. This was an exceptionally difficult manicure. I knew I couldn't do the logo because I don't have enough nail space or skill. So I went for the obvious.

This had so much going on. I decided to water marble the "fire" on my ring finger because I learned that I cannot freehand flames. Yeah. I used Zoya Creamy, Color Club Wham! Pow! and and an Art Club striper in black to achieve this.
All of the other fingers feature a base of SH Midnight in NY. I lightly sponged Color Club Daisy Does It, ChG Riveting and L.A. Girl Iron Red. I wasn't in love with the sponging, it was just too gaudy. So I decided to have it peek out underneath a bit of Midnight In NY sponged on top and then Pure Ice Vinyl Remix crackle top coat in Rave over that. I dry brushed the crackle on so it didn't cover completely. This gave me bits of color and glow.
Sadly, my photos aren't the best. We've had a very wet summer and it's been partly cloudy when it hasn't rained.
This found me darting around my driveway, trying to dodge the clouds and get some sun. However, if you click on the photos, you will see it better.

That wraps up Power Metal today. Below, you can find my list of suggestions of more Power Metal bands to check out.

Thank you for coming by. I'm going to be trying to keep my head up high.


  1. Speaking of Euro metal...would you classify Apocolyptica as such? They have no lyrics (except for guess singers like Rammstein) but they are talent instramentalists. I like Dragon Forces "Video Game" sound, but that's because I love video games I guess.

    Good luck on your job hunting! I love the flame manicure!

    1. Hi Candy, thanks for the compliment and your kind wish.
      I'd say Apocalyptica really falls under symphonic metal. But then again that classification is always subjective.

      I adore DragonForce but "Ultra Beatdown" was a little overboard for me.


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