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Today I am bringing you something different. I have begun to become obsessed with lipstick, particularly red. (I blame Pink Sith for that!) I started going a little crazy and ended up buying at least six. This time, I decided to buy a color that was not quite red and certainly not my standard neutral.

I was intrigued by the new Cover Girl Blast Flipstick because it's two lipsticks in one package that can be worn alone or together. That seemed like a value to me and I love products that multitask and take up less space in my makeup bag. I haven't used Cover Girl in a while but back in the 90s, my favorite lipstick ever was from Cover Girl. I always liked the consistency of Cover Girl lipsticks and appreciated that they rarely had any scent to them.
Nowadays, I'm getting back into lipstick and I really like the color choice of their new products.

Cover Girl Flipstick in Vixen

I love that the packaging is simple, not bulky and easy to get at. It has two shades of lipstick that complement one another and can be worn independently as well.

 Photo taken in full sun, two swipes of color each

Angled to show shimmer, two swipes of color each

The darker shade of Vixen is a rosy pink that leans more toward a light purple. In the tube it appears more of a light wine. It applied really smoothly with no gritty feeling and almost no scent. It was a little creamy but it didn't feel terribly moisturizing. It definitely felt like I was applying a traditional shimmer lipstick.
Sadly, it matched my natural lip color a little too well. If it had no shimmer, you would never have known I was wearing lipstick. The coverage was really good, however. Two swipes gave me totally opaque coverage and one was a nice wash of color. Would've been better if didn't match my natural color but that was my mistake.

Photo taken in shade, two swipes of color each

The lighter shade looked to be a pinky brown in tube but it is definitely a classic frosty pink. The consistency was a lot more chalky and gritty. Once on the lips it smooths out but feels almost like a mask. The coverage was a bit spotty. One swipe left naked spots, two filled everything in.
I really disliked the feel of it on my lips. It is way too light for me to wear on my own and layered over its companion made it too light for my skin color. 

I'm disappointed that I ended up choosing a color that comes close to matching my natural lip color. I should have chosen a red! 

So, what's the verdict?
Despite my disappointing color choice, I really do like this. The darker color felt nice on my lips and looked great with my skin tone. The packaging is great since it offers two color choices and take up far less space in my purse. I really did not care for the lighter shade. I will probably only use it to tone down a really dark lipstick or dot some on with lip balm if I want a touch of shimmer.
I'll be carrying it with me when I need a touch of color and can't wear something bold. 

Should you buy this?
I say yes. It's such a great value to get two lipsticks in one and the color choices are safe enough for anyone who has either never worn lipstick or has not worn lipstick in some time. Since it is minimal packaging, it's easy to tote around in even the smallest bag.

Now, if you decide that you want to get this, let me tell you about something pretty cool.
P&G, the parent company of Cover Girl, is launching an online shop. You can get all of your favorite P&G products in one place and without having to venture out of your house and with the convenience of having it delivered  to your door.
This is a pretty great deal but it gets better.

1. From now until August 31, 2012, all new items will be 10% off
2. FREE shipping over $25
3. There are a lot of product bundles of P&G's top brands at terrific prices. (Way below what you would end up paying if you bought them separately!)
4. You can go shopping in your pajamas and bunny slippers without having your picture end up on one of those worst dressed websites.

In the interest of full disclosure, the following is an affiliate link. If you shop from the link below, I will receive some compensation.,default,pd.html?start=7&cgid=cover-girl-lipcolor&cm_mmc=Blogger-_-Site-_-Site+Placement-_-40827

I think it's pretty rad that there are beauty consultants available to chat with on the site too. I wish I had the convenience when I originally purchased this.
Finally, there is a sweet deal to take $3 off TWO Cover Girl products until August 25, 2012. Now is the time to shop!

That will do it for today, guys. I thank you for coming by and I hope you will enjoy your day!


  1. I just got back into lipstick too, my color of choice is more of a
    Magenta I picked this up in flashy #815, & I really like it. Luv the idea of shopping online and getting great deals. I'll be checking out your link on payday for sure!

    1. Thank you for coming by! I've sure missed seeing you.
      Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it.


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