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Good morning!

I've had my hands full lately so I missed the fact that my last post was my 500th! How fitting that it was my final heavy metal entry. I have quite a bit of swatching to do for you because I was able to pick up some good deals while I was in Sacramento. Plus, I will have another metal themed entry because I want to show off some of the photos we took when we saw Iron Maiden.
I think the following is a good choice since we were still riding waves of euphoria from the show even when we were making the boring drive back home to Oregon

I was able to take advantage of Sally Beauty's super clearance sale right before we left for Sacramento. As a self professed Orly fangirl, I was not about to walk out without some.

 All of the above are three coats, no top and in full sun

Three coats, no top, taken in shade

After Party was a strange addition to the Feel The Vibe Summer 2012 collection. Chock full of pretty neons, a white creme and then this. It's definitely more of a Fall color but I appreciate Orly doing something unexpected.

After Party has a blackened navy base loaded with blue, pink and purple microglitter. I found it to be curiously thick. Not in a bad way but I certainly didn't expect it. It's very pigmented and two coats would work quite well. I always choose to apply three coats. I did find that I have to buff and smooth my ring fingernails with polishes like these because they seem to have spots that resist polish. Weird.

In real life and in my photos, the purple and pink struggle to be seen unless in VERY bright light or sunlight. However, the blue is vibrant. I don't think I have anything like it in the stash so this is a very welcome addition. I'm also pleased that this lives up to Orly's reputation for fast drying polishes. I think this is one of the fastest drying Orlys I have. I was blown away with how fast.

I was surprised that this doesn't dry super shiny. It has luster but not much as I anticipated. In spite of being loaded with shimmer, it's not gritty and it doesn't eat top coat. I see this a great base for stamping and other neato nail art techniques!

That will do for today. I have a lot of things to accomplish today and I have to motivate myself to get started.
Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you have a lovely day!

Disclosure: I purchased this at Sally Beauty Supply with my own money. The opinions expressed are wholly my own.

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