Held Captive by my Nail Fetish

Good morning!

While you are reading this, I will be in the middle of training for my new job. I'm so happy to have found employment and I'm psyched that I can work from home. I will be posting some photos of my new home office/nail polish room soon. I really love how it all came out, it's very me!

That said, I have a swatch today of an old polish and one that I bought back in March. I'm not sure why I didn't get it swatched and photographed before. Then again, Matt kept me super busy during my unemployment.

Nail Fetish Captive 
Three coats over Gelous, no top coat

So I was taken aback when my mom found this. I remembered all too well my sister and I happening upon these back in the late 90s. (We used to spend a lot of time trolling the cosmetics aisles at the local stores. Like, HOURS. Seemed like we lived at Fred Meyer's cosmetic section.)

When I applied this, I also remembered how frustrated I was by drugstore nail polish in the 90s. I loved funky colors but I always hated how streaky and sheer they could be. I seriously had a flashback of me and my sister doing our nails together shortly after I first moved to Oregon. Good times.

Captive is frosty blue that leans more towards turquoise IRL. The formula was a bit runny and had some random particles floating in there. Hence some bumps on my nails. It did dry pretty quick which surprised me. I let each coat dry about fifteen minutes but I still found bald patches.

This is purely a nostalgic purchase. I can't with the frost. However, I may be able to use this in nail art, most likely with sponging. Using this did bring a flood of nail related memories back though.

I used to spend a lot of time layering and frankening with random polishes while I lived in Georgia. I never really wore my creations much because I was always embarrassed by my super short nails. (They began getting stronger and growing longer as I got older.)
I also recall trying to use scotch tape to do a Funky French that went horribly awry. Which still scars me to this day so I only use blue painter's tape.

Finally, I recall me and my sister buying those super sheer Maybelline "Water" polishes and layering over them some nice salon brand polishes and just being bowled over with how they deepened the color. Those have long since disappeared from our stashes. Le sigh.

Anyway. I got this at the Big Deal store in Eugene for 99 cents. These pop up from time to time at Dollar Tree and Big Lots but I did find a place online where you can buy them. They even have Captive. Elipey Cosmetics has them for 99 cents. Looks they specialize in HTF and discontinued products. 
Hmm...looks like I may have to do some shopping once I get paid!

That will do it for today. I will be super busy but I shall be back on Saturday with the first Duck Day manicure of the football season!
Thank you for coming by and have a lovely day!

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