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Good morning!

Yesterday while I was out running errands, Matt was sweet enough to tell me to go to Sally and treat myself a bit. (It's been crazy go nuts at Mighty Lambchop Central with painting and whatnot and I have been frazzled!)

When I walked in I was surprised to see several shelves torn down but I could tell they were doing some re-merchandising to make way for new product. I wandered over to see what was what and they were in the midst of re-doing the entire nail polish area. I grabbed myself a new China Glaze while I was there but I was drawn to a rack of what looked to be a new range of polish. I was sure surprised when I saw it was the old Nina Ultra Pro rack and it was jam packed full of re-designed bottles!

I panicked for a moment because I saw some new colors and I was concerned they may have discontinued some of my very favorites! I was relieved because I soon spied Molten Gold, Purple-Xing and Glamrock.
(Molten Gold is my VERY FAVORITE color from this brand and I would pitch a major fit if it were discontinued.)
What really caught my eye was a coppery glitter I had not seen before. Which isn't saying much because my memory has been so bad lately. So I scooped it up along with another Orly and made my way outta there before I did any more damage.

Left: Molten Gold in old bottle design
Right: Call The Coppers in new bottle design

Clearly, that is a giant difference. I love the new design, it's quite sleek and elegant. I do have to note that the old bottle held 0.5 fl oz and the new holds 0.47 fl oz. So you are getting a bit less. I'm pretty sure they raised the price by a dollar too. I recall them being sold for $3.99 previously. I could be wrong.

Now is time to show you what may be the biggest change: THE BRUSH.

Left: New brush
Right: Old brush

They have gone with a Sally Hansen-esque brush. It is wide, flat and almost like a paddle. Frankly, I love that kind of brush. Smaller brushes don't always splay out nicely over my curvy nail beds and I have to use more strokes for coverage. This kind of brush covers my entire nail. I'm a messy painter anyway so I always have to do clean up.

So let's move on the color itself:

Nina Ultra Pro Call The Coppers
Three coats, top coat on index and ring
Taken in sunlight

Same as above, taken in natural indoor light

I really didn't know what I was getting with this. I first thought it would be loads of glitter in a clear base. Then I thought it would be in a black jelly. Boy was I surprised to find the base to be a rich, red toned brown jelly.
The formula is neither too thick or too thin and applied nicely for me. I did notice streaks at my tips in my photos but not in real life. I attribute that to my recent nail complaint. (High stress = naughty nails.)

Dry time was really excellent for this. This is a jelly, while it is build able there will be some VNL. I see some snazzy jelly sandwiches in my future with this!

I apologize for the lack of quality in my photos and clean up. I had very little time between appointments to swatch and photograph. I hope this will show you how lovely it is though.

I really hate the end of Summer but I do love Fall colors like this. I don't have enough browns in my collection and a glitter packed jelly is most welcome!

That will do it for today. I'm off to face another jam packed, high tension day.
Thank you for coming by and I hope your day will be much more calm and serene.

Disclosure: I purchased this at Sally Beauty Supply with my own monies. The opinions therein are wholly my own.

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