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Good morning!

I finally finished painting the office/nail room and now all I have to do is begin moving my furniture back in. That's on tap for the weekend in between volunteering at the Eugene Celebration. The celebration is basically a three day party in the streets of downtown Eugene and it raises money for the community. This year they are giving the proceeds to Habitat for Humanity. Tonight, I will be putting wristbands on folks and Sunday, I will be at another gate greeting people. The Celebration is really fun but it makes me sad because that's the end of Summer signal. It's already begun to get a wee bit chilly at night and in the morning. *Sigh*

Anyway...I have another round of compare and contrast for you. Neither of these polishes are dupes but I wanted to show them together.

 China Glaze Swanky Silk and Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
Three coats each, no top coat

I was inspired to do this since I had grabbed Molten Gold to compare with the new Nina bottle design and I had just purchased Swanky Silk that day. Both are golden duochromes but with some interesting differences. Swanky Silk is a cool champagne gold while MG is a warm gold.

In the above photo you can see some green tones in SS while MG is very rosy. MG has a stronger color shift as well.

In this photo, you can see the yellow and orange shift of MG while SS looks pretty much the same.

In the final photo, this is where MG can have an almost red shift and SS has an almost purple flash.

So, which is best? Formula wise, China Glaze wins. It has great viscosity, applies smoothly and dries very quickly. Nina is a bit thicker, can be brush stroke-y and dries slower.
For color shift, the Nina wins all the way. It is a very strong multichrome. The China Glaze has apparent shift but it is much more subdued.

If you are a lover of duo and multichromes, I think you should own both. Each is special in their own way and very beautiful. However if you want in-your-face shift, go with the Nina. Plus it is part of the core line and the China Glaze is a seasonal with no guarantee that it will be moved into the core collection.

I was a snotch disappointed by China Glaze Bohemian collection so I don't know if I will be getting any more of them. (Maybe on clearance...) I know that the "luster chrome" finish is supposed to be kind of subdued. But I love a strong color shift and I was hoping for that. Swanky Silk, in my opinion, was the best of the bunch. 
I do think the photos above could make for a snazzy manicure. I will definitely have to try it. 

Nina Ultra Pro and China Glaze can be purchased at Sally Beauty Supply for $4.99 and $6.99 respectively.

I'm off to finish cleaning up the office and then to design a manicure. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Disclosure: I purchased both products at Sally Beauty with my own monies. The opinions therein are wholly my own.


  1. I have Nina: Molten Gold and mine is a very thin lacquer. I've had a few months and used it once. Mine would have to have at least 3 layers to get rid of VNL and maybe not even then. (don't remember). It's great layered over black though!! As mine sits there it may also thicken, but for now it's not thick at all. :) I was wondering how the 2 would compare so I'm glad you compared them!

    1. Thanks for coming by!

      My Nina isn't terribly thick or anything, I just found it to be a bit thicker than the China Glaze. I agree Molten Gold needs at least three coats for opacity and even then, it's not fully opaque. I prefer layering it over browns myself. I usually sponge it over black because it's way too brush stroke-y.


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