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Good morning!

Today I bring you a little something I picked up whilst in the Sacramento area. I've been able to spend a wee bit here and there for nail polish and that means I have lots more Orly!

This is a polish I knew I had to have long before I even saw swatches. (And I didn't even see swatches until it was in my hands!) I wasn't super psyched for the Electronica collection. Mind you, I love a grey creme so I will end up with Decoded at some point but this time, I needed to be wowed. Gratefully, Orly did not disappoint!

 Orly Synchro, three coats, no top coat, full sun

 Same as above, partial shade

Synchro is a fabulous multichrome. I could not manage to capture the fact that initially on the nail it appears to be a rusty, coppery shade with pink and orange flashes. Once you see it in full sun, it's a blazing pink with blue flash. Love.

Taken in very dim indoor light

The formula is a bit thin and it can appear brush stoke-y. Though it applies sheer, it is easily build able in three coats. Three coats is no big deal because this baby dries very quickly. As most Orly polishes are wont to do. 

I just found myself mesmerized by the color shift. I do so love a good multichrome. I had the opportunity to use this in a manicure for mt sister-in-law while I was in California. Sadly, I did not get to take photos because we had to visit my father-in-law's grave soon after. But, she really loved it and it made a nice base for a stamped manicure.

I wish I have had more time to really play with this and do some layering. As it is, I am crazy busy so it will have to go on the to-do list. 

That will do for today guys. I am a painting machine lately and it's not for nails!
Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

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