Team Claire's or Team Color Club?

Good morning!

I meandered into Claire's the other day to see what was new. It seemed like there wasn't a whole lot of nail polish at that store but I can't say for certain because while I was there, a girl was getting her ears pierced and that station was super close to the NP racks. Close enough that had I tried to investigate further, my face would have been all up in the woman's butt. No thanks!

I did manage to find something interesting though.

Pretty colors and great bottles

Of course the colors were cool but  I was digging the bottles. They are a bit heavier than the usual and the square shape just pleases me. I was going to buy them anyway but it was when I turned them round, I was surprised to see this:

Color Club??

Claire's and Color Club teamed up? I knew then that these had to be the exact same as the the green and teal in the Take Wing collection. I was surprised that I didn't know this and couldn't recall having seen swatches of this. When I got home, I did some research and saw swatches but no one mentioned the Color Club connection.

So let's take a look at swatches and then we'll discuss more.

 Nope. Don't like the name. I keep hearing that stupid song.

 Drops of Jupiter, three coats, no top coat

 Total dupe for Color Club Metamorphosis

Drops of Jupiter is a beautiful glass flecked teal that glows. Formula is good but this applied so sheer on me. Which is something unique to me. If I don't buff my nails smooth, even base coat applies unevenly. But this only happens every now and again. Weird. 
In the bottle, this has a strong duochrome much like those from the Sally Hansen HD line. However, that is not at all apparent on the nail.

 Blast Off, three coats, no top coat

 Total dupe for Color Club Fly With Me

Blast Off is a yellow based green glass fleck that also is very glow-y. This is another that I couldn't quite get opaque but that is due to my nails being really weird right now. Formula was a bit thin but nothing difficult and the dry time was great.

Okay then. So, I only have one item from the Take Wing collection and that is Daisy Does It. Claire's only offers four colors in their Starsrtuck Collection but they are all dupes of the Take Wing collection. I looked at every swatch photo I could of TW and compared Drops of Jupiter and Blast Off and yep, dupe. Not surprising considering these are Color Club, just for Claire's.

I thought it important to mention because if you have the Take Wing collection, you do not need these. (Unless it's for bottle fetish because these bottles are rad.) If you don't, then hit up Claire's. Same colors and same formulation plus Claire's ALWAYS has their cosmetics at Buy One, Get One 1/2 off. You would have to hunt down Daisy Does It and Sky High since those colors are not in the Starstruck Collection.

I'm very glad to have these. Had I more money to spend back in May, I would've purchased the Color Clubs. Since I'm so enamored of these bottles, I'm glad I didn't. I just really thought it odd that I didn't see mention of the Color Club/Claire's connection. But now you know!

That will do it for today. I have lots of errands and chores to get after.

Thank you for coming by and have a wonderful day!

Disclosure: I purchased these at Claire's with my own money. 

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  1. I really want these colors! I don't have any Color Club nail polishes! :)


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