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Good morning!

It's one major gripe of beauty bloggers to see bad photos. They are either poorly lit, out of focus or the application and clean up is poor. Who hasn't seen a tutorial for clean up or how to take better photos?
Don't get me wrong, they are helpful and hopefully it will inspire the newbies among us. I know they did for me.

Back when I began blogging nail polish, my photos and application were abysmal. No one was mean to me or overly critical but I did receive gentle criticism and encouragement to improve. I'm so grateful for that.
I cringe a bit when I see my old photos especially when I find referral links to my site here.
However, I keep them up because it's an accurate representation of my evolution.

I am disappointed that that the photo below is all people will see when they visit that Live Journal page but I cannot in good conscience pretend that it never happened.
So...what to do? I updated the original post to encourage these visitors to look at my more recent offerings and I am honest about the lack of skill then. They may still mock me but I've done my part.
Without further ado, the offending photo and link to updated post:

I learned to use my macro AND edit photos too!

See what I mean? Some of us need instruction and I was certainly one. Let's compare the above with what I can do now. Here are some photos I took a few days ago.

 Orly Dayglow, three coats, no top coat

Ain't that something? Giant difference. I owe it to many of you and in particular, some very special women.
You posted your tutorials, you offered friendly and constructive criticism but most importantly you encouraged me to continue and improve. Thank you. 
Now it's my turn to do the same. When I see others asking for advice, I give it and I do so in a positive and supportive way. I only hope I do right by the lovely women who helped me.

Now, let's talk about Orly Dayglow.
I did not know it had some blue shimmer until it was in my hands at Sally. Wow. What a disappointment that it is almost non-existent on the nail. Also, the formula was a bummer too. It wasn't runny or thick but it was a bit difficult to work with. I am not surprised that it is streaky, I anticipate every white polish to be that way.
I'm not disappointed to have purchased it because I always need white polish. I did expect a little more from Orly though. If not formula then definitely for the shimmer. 

See? The Orly fangirl is not always enamored of everything Orly does. 

That will do for today. I have a meeting to attend. Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a great day!


  1. I would love to get better at taking photos for my blog! I'm using a better camera but I don't have a micro lense and I can't zoom in and have lovely close up pictures. I will for sure try to show my nails better thanks to your lovely advice! <3

    1. Thank you so much for coming by and your kind words. This all takes a lot of practice but there are some good resources. Chalkboard Nails has a great tutorial here:

      I also recommend downloading Picasa. It's basic but it can help you crop your photos and add text if you like.
      It can be found here:
      (Unless of course you have Photoshop already!)

      Hope these help you.


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