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I had to pick up a few things from Dollar Tree the other day and naturally, I wandered over to the nail polish.
Dollar Tree had been letting me down lately. They wiped out all of the polish for awhile and the re-stocked with every single L.A. Colors I had ever purchased from them.
I was hoping they had added some more polish and I was not disappointed.

I saw a brand called Color Mates and there were some interesting colors. I was particularly drawn to a lovely cobalt blue so in my basket it went! I ended up taking a lot of photos because I was so entranced.

Color Mates Blue Thunder
All nails are three coats over Gelous
Index and ring have top coat

Oh. My. Word. So damn pretty.
Blue Thunder is a cobalt blue jelly with subtle blue glitter. The formula is good, a teensy bit thick but not in a ridiculous way. It applies sheer and a little streaky on the first coat. The second coat evens things out. Though it is a jelly, it is buildable and gets close to opaque. Blue Thunder dries to a satin finish which was surprising.
My only caveat is the dry time. It's not that fast. I would suggest waiting a good fifteen minutes between coats. The only other (mild) complaint is the glitter. It is subtle, which is lovely but how great would lots of glitter be? Pretty awesome I say.

I am madly in love with this. Enough so I am heading back to Dollar Tree to pick up a couple more.
I'm seeing some rad jelly sandwiches in the future. I also want to stamp over this, it's such a gorgeous color that would look awesome peeking out under stamping.

I initially was just going to swatch this but as soon as I saw how beautiful this was, I had to do a full manicure. So far, it's withstood 7 1/2 hours of near nonstop typing. And it still has its perfect squishy texture intact!

Dollar Tree sure made me happy. I have to try some of Color Mates other offerings but I am for sure buying backups of Blue Thunder. I don't know how I lived without it!

Thank you for coming by. I will be back again with a lot more to show. I did a lot of swatching over the weekend!

I purchased this at Dollar Tree for well, one dollar. My second favorite price point.

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