Brown Sugar

Good morning!

While I was moving my nail polish into their new home, I realized I had a polish that I bought back in February that I had not swatched. I really thought I had but I was glad I didn't. I was happier to photograph it in better sunlight than I had in February/March.

I really enjoyed all of the magnetic polishes that were being released last Winter/Spring. I had managed to snag one last November in Las Vegas and by March I had a few more. You can see those posts HERE.
But I totally forgot about one:

 Layla Magneffect Brown Sugar
Two coats, no top coat

In the photos above, I used all of the magnets that came with all of my polishes:
Pinkie is Layla
Ring is Magnetix
Middle is Nabi
Index is Magnetix
Thumb is Layla

The formula on this is really good. It applies nice and easy and dries super quick. I like how the frosty brown turns to chocolate-y brown after holding the magnet to it. Alone, this would be a very work safe color and I'm certain in some places you could easily get by with the magnetic design too.

My only complaint about Layla is the price point. My other two Laylas were purchased for around $15. That's way more than I will normally spend. So why did I pick this one up? Because I found it on sale for $7.99 CAD. Yet another reason why my last trip to Canada was so amazeballs for nail polish. I got a lot of good stuff and most of it was all on sale!

That will do for now. I have a lot more training for work to get through but I am thoroughly enjoying being able to work from home!
Thank you so much for coming by and have a lovely day.

Layla nail polishes can be purchased at Ulta and I purchased my bottle at Rexall  in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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