Good morning.

Man, I am beat. Been dealing with my own issues, working a new job where I sometimes feel overwhelmed with information and worry that I'm failing, trying to balance blog posting with work schedule and just plain being tired.
Thus, it seems appropriate to feature a polish with the word "buried." Because I am buried in stress and anxiety.

 Three coats, no top coat in sunlight

Same as above but taken under my Ott light

Buried Alive is a rich brown loaded with golden shimmer. I guess this could go under the glass fleck category. It applies flawlessly and smooth, drying very quickly. Three coats was a must for opacity.

This is Fall personified. It makes me want an "adult" hot chocolate. (Which is hot chocolate with Irish creme and butterscotch schnapps. Yummy...) This was the only color from the Dark Shadows collection I truly wanted. It's a different take on brown since it's shot through with gold. That and I don't have a lot of brown in my collection.
Buried Alive is great to sponge with too as well as a swell base for other nail art. Not that I have some nail art ideas percolating or anything... (Ha. Yeah right. I always have ideas, I just hardly have time.)

I picked this up at Sally Beauty during one of their 50% off clearance sales this summer along with After Party.   I saw this still available at Trans Design so I'm sure it's still hanging out with several other e-tailers as well.

That does it for today. Back to work!
Thank you for coming by. I apologize for not being as upbeat. I hope to improve.
Have a pleasant day.


  1. This is a surprise favorite with some people, and your post has convinced me to try it. I love Decades of Dysfunction from the same collection, it looks very blah in the bottle but it's an a great neutral for nail art. (Rebecca Likes Nails has featured it recently)

    1. Buried Alive is truly something special. I liked Decades of Dysfunction but it's a dupe for Pure Porcelain and I already have that.
      I hope you do pick it up, I'd love to see your swatches!

    2. I got Buried Alive the weekend of the Sally's Clearance sale. I've tried it on my toes and love how glowy it is! Can't wait for the fall weather, this seems like a perfect autumn color!


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