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So I'm super late with my Duck Day mani post. Mainly because I had to recover from watching the game with friends on Saturday night. ;)
The good news is that my Ducks won their opener against Arkansas State and I saw some exciting things happening down on the field. (Though I'm worried about some of the backups...)

That said, let's move on to the nails. I'm always inspired by our team uniforms. Oregon always has really cool unis and crazy combinations. Really we are leading the way in football couture. This year the jerseys aren't as  complex because there are new helmets that are seriously rad.
I decided to stick with mimicking the jersey somewhat because I wanted to wait until I saw the helmets on television before attempting that design.

Here is a shot of the new jersey worn on Saturday:

#2 is Bryan Bennett, kid made a name for himself last year.
This year...I'm worried...
Image via:

This is what I came up with:

What I used:
Orly Lucky Duck base on all fingers, three coats
Oregon temporary tattoo on middle finger
Salon Express plate SE 22
Revlon Emerald City and BB Couture Redwood Forest on index and ring fingers
Color Club Magic Elf on thumb
Magic Elf and Golden Rose #115 on pinkie

My intent was to have a subtle pattern show up on the nails because all of the photos I saw of the jerseys were like that. I had to use Lucky Duck, of course but it was clearly the wrong kind of green.
Salon Express SE 22 is the only plate I have that can kind of mimic a wing pattern but wow, it didn't come out so well this time. I had better luck with my Rose Bowl mani using it.
Nonetheless, I like what I ended up with. I'm just disappointed that my thumb got dinged from opening a bottle of beer.

After seeing the new helmets, I now have inspiration to try and re-create that. Maybe that's what I will do for the next game...

That will do for today. I'm going to enjoy Labor Day with Matt by making some good food and just enjoying one another's company. Hope everyone has a great day.
But before I go, allow me to leave you with the newest music video featuring The Duck. (If you've seen the Gangnam Style video, you'll get it.)

Go Ducks!

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