Duochrome party!

Good morning!

Today I have some major pic spam. Duo and multi-chromes are super hot for Fall and I couldn't be happier.
That has to be my absolute favorite finish, I find myself entranced by the color flash. Sometimes dangerously so...one time I almost crashed my bike because I was admiring my nails. Yikes!
That said, let's move on to some photos.

Nina Ultra Pro Molten Copper
Three coats, no top coat

Molten Copper isn't very copper. In the bottle it is a milky, pinky brown. On the nail it's more of a pink.
But it has lovely gold and green flashes. It's not terribly opaque at three coats either. I like to use this for layering but I sponge it on because it can be brush stroke-y. 

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Fire Opal
Three coats, no top coat

Oh, how I longed to find some of the Nail Prisms. Holos and duochromes? Yes please!
Imagine my excitement when I was picking up some food at Grocery Outlet and stumbled upon a package of Nail Prisms. (Like I wasn't going to scope out their health/beauty aisle!) I got two holos out of that pack and will have them posted soon. But we're getting off track.

Fire Opal is a pretty pink loaded with shimmer and flashes blue and green. It's very, very sheer. It looks great layered over other pinks. When I layer it over black, it's brush stoke-y so I opt to sponge it over darker colors. I was genuinely surprised by how quickly it dried as well as how nicely it applied.

Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold
Three coats, no top coat

You have seen this several times before. I love me some Molten Gold. I cannot stress enough how stunning it is and why you need it. I included this because I realized I had never done a proper swatch of it. Bad lamb!
Molten Gold is one of the best multi-chromes I have ever seen. It's rosy pink, gold, orange and yellow all at once. 
No, it's not fully opaque at three coats. It shows a snotch of VNL. But I wear it on its own and I love to layer it. Again, I sponge it when I layer it because it can be be brush stroke-y. 
I'm happy to promote it again and again because it is so beautiful. I think of it as an underrated gem that is pretty easily obtainable. 
This was the first multi-chrome I purchased and I think it spoiled me. Now my expectations for duo and multi-chromes are very high. Which explains why I was a bit underwhelmed by China Glaze Bohemian luster chrome.

That will do for today. Don't fret because I will have another duochrome party soon! I own quite a few soo...yeah.

Thanks for coming by, have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow, I love Molten Gold! Gotta add that to my wish-list!

    1. YES. You MUST get Molten Gold. It will knock your socks off!


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