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Not gonna get all political with y'all. I just posted this because it is mainly about NAIL POLISH. Which is why we are here. If you want to know my politics, ask me in an email. Not here.

Good morning!

So I was browsing one of my favorite pop culture websites (ONTD if you wondered.) after work last night and I found this post about Michelle Obama's nails.

Image via Getty Images

Here's what the Yahoo Shine article had to say:

She's done it again. With unlikely nail color and a few dramatic hand gestures, the First Lady has catapulted a new beauty trend into the mainstream.

On Tuesday during her impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention, the First Lady's blue-gray nails got as much buzz as her Tracy Reese dress. Equal parts Katy Perry and high school goth, the color was an unusual choice for a political figure, no less a woman over 30. But Michelle Obama doesn't follow style rules, she reinvents them.
By the second day of the convention, Michelle's gray nails were still intact and beauty bloggers were on a mission to identify her polish of choice. Was it Chanel? O.P.I? A Wall Street Journal reporter confirmed the answer with the White House. Michelle was wearing (drum roll, please)the Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Colour Gloss in "Vogue."

I dare say Michelle Obama is one of the most stylish First Ladies since Jacqueline Kennedy.  She always looks so lovely and put together. I covet her wardrobe. Now I'm glad we have something in common like grey nail polish. So...that just gives me excuse to re-post some of my grey polishes! (Just a few of the many.)

China Glaze Sea Spray and Nina Ultra Pro Ink-ling accent finger

Essie Chinchilly
(Look it's an OLD swatch!)

Wet n' Wild Gray's Anatomy 
layered over
China Glaze Recycle

Innisfree Creamy Grey

So...yeah. There some grey polish. If you are interested, Artistic Nail Design can be found HERE and has plenty of photos of Michelle Obama.  

That does it for today, guys. I'm headed to Portland tomorrow because Matt is running the Warrior Dash.
I have to be prepared to take lots of photos and videos!

Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a great weekend!

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