I am so DUCK-ing tired.

Good day.

This is a very quick Duck Day post. I didn't even get to watch the game because I was up in Portland. Matt and a bunch of our friends ran in the Warrior Dash on Saturday. The Warrior Dash is a three mile run/obstacle course that has you climbing walls, ducking under and over walls, jumping through fire and leaving you completely caked in mud.

I did not participate because I do not run. If I can help it. I do not look upon running as an enjoyable pursuit. However, I was one of two photographers and I had my own obstacles to dodge just to take photos. Suffice to say I was sweating buckets and I'm sore. We did get great photos and everybody had a great time. I will have some photos to post later along with a special mani I did just for Warrior Dash.

In the meantime, here is Duck Day mani for September 8, 2012:

Base is Love & Beauty Gunmetal Grey
"Wings" are China Glaze Millennium 
Stamped with Salon Express SE22

My inspiration was the Liquid Metal helmets. I really wanted to do the yellow version they wore on Saturday but I had very limited time. I knew yellow was going to require a bit more focus and concentration. But Matt was so excited to get to the race so he gave me a small window in which to do my nails.

The good news is that the Ducks won! Also, The Duck has made a very big announcement:

I agree that America needs a leader who isn't afraid of not wearing pants, doing push ups and having a varied wardrobe.

Join the flock to ensure breadcrumbs for all, lots of gummy bears and not having to choose between puppies AND kittens.

This message is brought to you by Lambchop for DUCKS, Puppies and Kittens.
 The Duck or Duck 2012 campaign has not approved this message.

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