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Good morning!

As promised earlier, I bring you some shots of the Warrior Dash and my mani I did in honor.

The Warrior Dash is a 5k run that is filled with various obstacles. A log jump, barbed wire, wall climbs, cargo nets, tires, fire and wading through mud. At this location there was a lot of hill running too which made it difficult. At the end, runners get free beer and turkey legs along with a medal.
I did not run because, I don't run. No me gusta. Matt and a group of our friends ran the Dash and here are some photos:

Angi, Me and Jordan before their race time.
The wall climb is behind us.

We all wore red shirts including me and Chris though we did not participate. We were the team's photographers and ended up running around the course to snap their photos.
Chris and Jordan had Texas themed shirts while the rest of us did beer themed shirts. Mine said Beer Slayer. I was joined by Beer Boss, Dirrty Beer, Beer Me and Beer Tag.

The Dirty 5
Back row L to R:
Tyler, Matt and Robert
Front Row L to R:
Angi and Jordan
They had just done the log jump, crawled under barbed wire, crossed a bridge and climbed a wall.

The Dirty 5 climbing the wall

The second cargo net to climb.

Jumping the fire.

After wading through a mud pit, they had to slide down the hill.

Triumphant and FILTHY.

Free beer!

Semi-cleaned up after taking a dip in a muddy pond.

Robert, Tyler, Matt and Chris enjoying their beers on the wall.

They all had a great time running the dash. It was pretty hilarious watching it too.
Afterwards we went to grab some food and it was just ridiculous. We walked in damp, dirty and some of us with smeared face paint. I'm impressed they served us at all.

Matt is so proud of doing this run. For the last two years he has changed his diet, worked out and has lost 60 pounds. This was a new challenge for him and he did great. He, Jordan and Tyler led their pack in the race. He was worried about how he would do and was so impressed how well he did do.

Matt the next day.
Posing with his helmet, Warrior Dash shirt and medal.

Everybody ended up completely exhausted. I took photos of my Warrior Dash nail art the next day but I warn you, it did not wear well. Please mind the tip wear and other imperfections.

Pinkie and Middle:
Pure Ice Platinum Base
Franken of WNW Black Creme/OPI Paris Couture For Sure
L.A. Girl Glitter Addict Animate

Ring and Index:
Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Golden Tourmaline
Franken of Black Creme & Paris Couture

I dry brushed my black franken over the white and added glitter. I used a no name top coat from Dollar Tree that made my glitter bleed a bit. (Which is weird because Sally Hansen, Color Club and Out The Door top coats never do that with Animate.)  I used cling wrap to add my black franken over Golden Tourmaline.  All together I think it turned out great and looked pretty "dirty."

That ends my story about the Warrior Dash. Thank you for coming by and have a lovely day!

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