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Good morning!

I was going through some of my photos and I realized I still have so much from my California trip to post.
No mind that I went to Cali nearly two months ago, it's not like I've been busy.

Anyway, here is another goodie I picked up at Rite-Aid in Woodland, CA. (If you're wondering why everything happened in Woodland, it's because that is my husband's hometown and we didn't have enough time to hang out in Sacramento and Davis like we usually do. Our trip was partly fun and partly work for him.)

Colorphase color changing nail polish, unnamed gold
Two coats, accompanying top coat on index, middle and ring.
Pinkie has Color Club top coat.

I was intrigued by these Colorphase polishes when I saw them on Frazzle and Aniploish in May.
They never showed up in Eugene but I found it in Woodland. All that was left was this gold that I was meh about but in the interest of having different things in my collection, I went for it.

The gold is particularly unremarkable but applied nicely and dried quickly after two coats.
When you add the top coat, it turns into a glorious metallic orange. That was a nice surprise!
I used the accompanying top coat on three fingers. I used the brush for my index and my dotting tool on my ring finger. I decided unwisely to see if I could sponge the top coat on my middle finger. It looked very much bad. So much so that I decided to cover it with more top coat.
I used Color Club top coat on the pinkie to see if any old top coat would make the color change.

This was a fun diversion but it's kind of underwhelming. The bottle design is neat but it's terribly unwieldy.
The barbell shape is cool but hard to hold. The brush for the top coat is tiny and sparse.
Overall, it's not great. However it has a place in the stash just for the novelty.

That will do for today. I'll see you this weekend with my next Duck Day mani! Thanks so much for comIing by.

I purchased this for $1.99 plus tax at Rite-Aid in Woodland, CA.


  1. I have a lilac frosty version of this kind of color changing polish. I bought it for the novelty factor and because it was on clearance, I imagine those are the reasons you got yours. Can't say I'm a fan of the original frosty weird orange. It's fun for $2, though!

    1. Novelty is pretty much all this has going for it.
      I'm sad my photo didn't show how cool the orange was. It was more of a fiery, metallic than frosty.

      Have you posted swatches of your color change polish?
      I'd love to see it!

    2. I haven't swatched mine because it looks so boring in the bottle. I always end up reaching for something else, instead. Maybe soon, though. :)


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