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I'm taking advantage of Matt being in Las Vegas to do things just for me. Like, blog.
Anyway, I am re-visiting a nail polish that I swatched a couple of years ago. I love duochromes so much and the Chameleon by Scherer line has some great ones.

I purchased Calypso a couple of years ago and I was a smitten kitten. Recently, I decided to to wear it again and damn. I got bummed out hard.
Let me show you the photos and then I can discuss.

 Scherer Chameleon in Calypso
Three coats over ridge filler, no top coat

Calypso is a bit of an oddity. It's a foil/chrome and a duochrome. But it applies kind of sheer. 
Originally, it applied nicely but after sitting around in my stash it developed lumps. Seriously, lumps.
And there are no balls with which to shake it up. (I think it didn't get tightly capped when it went into my stash. I'm blaming my sister because I know she used it.)

I used polish thinner and a toothpick to break up the clumps and rolled the bottle over and over. Finally I managed to get a workable consistency. As you can see it applied in streaks and fairly thick. It also bubbled a bit.  It is not a pretty sight. Dry time is still okay so it has that going for it.

So what to do? I have found that I can sponge with it and use it for cling wrap manicures. But I can't wear it by itself. And that just makes me sad. It has glorious flash and color shift.

I still recommend this polish if you're duochrome mad like me. However, be sure to keep it tightly capped. And think about adding some stainless steel BBs to the bottle. Also, maybe don't let a polish n00b use it without supervision. Learn from my heartbreak people.

Don't be scared off from trying the Chameleon line because of this. I don't think this is a typical result if you take good care of your polish. Le sigh...looks like I may have to break down and buy myself a new bottle of this and relegate my old one to the nail art only bin.

That will do for today. I have some more swatches to finish editing and uploading. I will return tomorrow.
Thanks for coming by and have a lovely day!

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  1. Scherer Chameleons, I owned one, I gave it away. Quick review: formula bad, color good.

    Sorry for your polish : (

    At least you liked it once. This is a hazard of owning many nail polishes. : /


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