Cofee, tea or nail polish?

Good day!

I was checking out the Pure Ice website and I saw this tidbit about their latest Winter colors:

Pure Ice will be a part of the 7th Annual Coffee and Tea Festival and these colors are perfect! Whether it is hot cocoa or fresh coffee, Pure Ice Magic is a blend of deep brown with rich with iridescent flecks throughout. Pure Ice Fast Lane is what a caramel latte would look like on your finger tips. Finally, Pure Ice Superstar is an opaque white polish that is reminiscent of heavy cream or half and half.

(Image and text via Pure Ice Cosmetics website.)

I do want to check out Superstar because I loved the Platinum Base Coat from the Vinyl Remix collection so much. I really, really hope Superstar will be just as awesome. I will be interested in seeing Magic too. I'm having a brown phase and Pure Ice makes some pretty shimmery metallics.
I'm less excited about Fast Lane, seems like a very appropriate color that might verge on frosty dowdiness.

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