Duochrome Nail Art Party

Good morning!

Today I have two more plastic wrap manicures to show you. I've become very fond of the technique and I had to try it out with duochromes. I'm so glad I did, it's pretty awesome.
I promise this the last you will be seeing of my very favorite multichrome polishes for awhile. I don't want to bore you!

Base is Wet N' Wild Ebony Hates Chris, two coats
Savina Black Pearl over the top

I love Black Pearl and it looks so great over black creme. I had to know how it would look using plastic wrap and yep, awesome. 

Base is Wet N' Wild Ebony Hates Chris (again) - two coats
Topped with Nina Ultra Pro Molten Gold

If I was going to work with duochrome/multichromes, I had to use this. I know, you've seen it again and again from me. But Molten Gold is RAD. And it was so amazing over black. I thank whomever devised the plastic wrap technique. 

Pay attention nail polish manufacturers, THIS is what we want when you offer us duo/multichromes. Strong color shifts. Not hints of something. Just sayin'.

That does it for today. I apologize for this being short. Spare time seems to always be in short supply these days. Thank you for coming by and I hope you have a lovely day!

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  1. I am DEFINITELY going to try Molten Gold over black!! I'm also a fan of the plastic-wrap technique. It's so easy and makes quick, fun nail art!


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