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I'm a week late on this but I still want to share. I had an awesome childhood in Nebraska and this is just one reason why.

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Soo...the Presidential debate aired the other night and the biggest controversy was Mitt Romney's assertion that he will remove subsidies for public broadcasting. The internet exploded over that and elebenty million memes emerged. You can see some at Pink Sith's Thursday Poll post HERE.

I got fired up over that too for a few reasons. The first being summed up perfectly by Neil DeGrasse Tyson in this tweet:

This is just one reason why he is America's favorite astrophysicist
and host of PBS show NOVA Science NOW.

Public broadcasting receives most of its funds from donations and grants, so removing what little subsidy makes no sense. PBS is a favorite target of conservative ire because of a perceived liberal bias and is frequently threatened with abolishment. (To be fair, sometimes the slant is leftward but PBS is strongly committed to being nonpartisan and bringing diversity to the airwaves.)

On a personal level, public broadcasting is very important to me. I listen to NPR almost every single day and PBS has always brought programming that is rarely seen on commercial television.
Most importantly, PBS is cherished by me because it was a huge part of my childhood.

I grew up in rural Nebraska at a time when cable was pretty new and not widely available. We had a couple of local stations and got broadcasts from stations in Colorado. And then there was PBS.
PBS was my favorite and I was fortunate enough to have Nebraska Educational Television.
NET was an early pioneer in public broadcasting and they produced a lot of original shows in Lincoln. (NET also co-produced Reading Rainbow. Pretty cool, huh?)

I got to watch Sesame Street, Mister Rogers, 3-2-1 Contact and The Electric Company but I was devoted to local productions like Strawberry Square and Reverse The Curse. I also got to see programs I would have never seen on TV in Nebraska like Doctor Who. NET entertained me and educated me. The whole family watched PBS shows together. Which was awesome since they showed a lot of British comedies. My grandpa was something like a FOB Englishman and his humour was very English. Being able to watch these shows together helped us understand the humour and grow closer as a family. 
When I think of these things, I have really happy memories.  Like this:

 My dad used to do the Pigeon for us. Occasionally, we can still get him to do it. It is AWESOME.

All this talk about PBS and NET especially inspired me to do some nail art.
I especially wanted to pay tribute to my favorite NET produced show, Reverse The Curse.
The premise of the show was a librarian turned archaeologist named Meg and her friend Vera who travel from Lincoln, Nebraska to Egypt and discover a forgotten king's tomb. They find their lives in danger there because of a curse placed by King Hoptuet's uncle, ReadABook.
They then have to reverse the curse by decoding all of the hieroglyphics on the tomb wall.
The show taught about literature and storytelling. It was so much fun to watch as a kid.

 Everything I used. It's a lot.

 Reverse the curse!

So let's go on with a bit of explaining:
Index finger is for King Hoptuet
Middle is Meg the Librarian's scarf and shirt
Ring is Vera's headband
Pinkie is the 1970s era NET logo

This was a challenging manicure to do. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out considering I have major trouble with freehanding just about everything.

Thank you so much for indulging me in both my ranting and my nostalgia. I recommend you click on the link for Reverse The Curse, it's cheesy now but you'll see why a little kid might have enjoyed it.

This post was brought to you by the letters P, B and S!

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