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Good morning!

I apologize for the break in things. I've been wrapped up in work and left with little desire to continue staring at my computer screen after 8 straight hours of just that. I also apologize for missing a Duck Day manicure. I did one but I was so unhappy with how it turned out that I decided not to photograph it and post.

But I am catching up on my backlog during my day off and I have a couple of quick swatches for you.

Orly Decoded, three coats, no top coat

Orly Decoded is from the Fall 2012 Electronica Collection. It's a dark grey creme with blue undertones.
It was perfection and just what I love about Orly. It applies beautifully and dries quickly. I needed a darker grey so this is perfect. I also picked this up on clearance at Sally Beauty. Score!

Essence Colour & Go Chic Reloaded
Three coats, no top coat

When I saw the new Essence bottles and the new colors, of course I went running for the duochrome.
I'm just disappointed that the sun is weakening and I can't quite capture all of its flash and shift.
However, we have purple duochrome and I'm happy.
I love me some Essence and this did not disappoint. Three coats was best for opacity and dried quickly.
I'm not even mad that they raised the price to $1.99. Still within my admittedly frugal budget.
I purchased this at Fred Meyer who has done a much better job at maintaining their Essence display.

That will do for today. Tomorrow I have some nail art for you that was inspired by recent events
Thanks do much for coming by. I promise I will work something out to balance work, spoiling my husband and blogging.

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  1. Chic Reloaded is officially on my wish list! For $1.99? How can you say "no"?


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