Neck Strain Spam

Good day.

I managed to strain my neck over the weekend and I've just been in agony. The best part is that it happened from sleeping. Awesome. Anyhoo, I've been keeping time on the computer pretty much left to work only activity since I sit at a desk and have to sit up straight.

Since my neck feels a tiny bit better today I thought I would just hit this with a bunch of spam shots of recent swatches. My apologies for not a lot of context.

 Joe Fresh Twilight
Index and middle, two coats layered over WNW Black Creme
Ring and pinkie, three coats and Gelous base coat

Revlon Sparkle Aplenty
three coats over Gelous

WNW I Need a Refresh-mint
Three coats over Nail Magic

I purchased Joe Fresh Twilight at Real Canadian Superstore in Burnaby, B.C. back in February.
Sparkle Aplenty and I Need a Refresh-mint were purchased at Walgreens in Springfield, Oregon at the end of this summer.

That will do for today. Tomorrow my two favorite football teams are playing and that means I have half of a Duck Day mani to do and half of a San Francisco 49ers mani! I'm going to have Matt help me photograph because I just can't hold my camera and angle myself to take a good photo.

Thanks for coming by and I will see you soon!

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