Good morning.

It's the beginning of another busy week. I have so much to share and honestly, I just don't know how soon I will be able to. I have a Duck Day manicure to post, will be doing a wear test with a new product and I will have to show you my newest addition to the nail polish stash.
However, I just don't know how the week will be because of Hurricane Sandy.

Gratefully I live on the West Coast but I work with a lot folks on the East Coast. I'm very concerned for them and many of them may not be able to work after the storm if it does as much damage as predicted.
So, I'm not willing to commit to too much right now.

That said, I have a long lost swatch to show you.

 GOSH Purple Heart
Three coats over base, no top coat
Taken in full sun

 Slightly blurred to show shimmer

GOSH Purple Heart
Same as above, taken in natural indoor light

This was part of my super thrilling Canadian haul from my trip to Vancouver in February. I'd longed for Purple Heart since seeing swatches and I was so happy to finally have it.
Purple Heart is a gorgeous, deep shimmery purple that flashes mostly green and some blue. 

The formula was good but the second coat had bald patches. I usually go for three coats anyway and the the third evened everything out. Dry time was better than I anticipated. The color is stunning and I am a huge sucker for duochromes. It was such a relief that a long held desire did not disappoint! I can't wait to go back to Canada (because I love visiting there too) and buy MOAR!

I'm sorry it took so long to post it. I swatched this back in June and it sat around in my files until now. Le sigh...

That will do for now. I'm keeping all of my nail blogging buddies on the East Coast in my thoughts. I hope Sandy blows through quickly and with minimal damage. 
I'll be seeing you as soon as possible!

I purchased this at Shoppers Drug Mart in Burnaby, B.C. back in February. I got a 2 for $10 deal which may or may not be a regular thing. I just remember that the cashier was really annoyed that I didn't want to sign up for the rewards program. 

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